Mangal Medi Center: Providing Comprehensive & Economical Diagnostic Facilities to the Needy

Dr. A.S. Tondare,MentorIt’s an undeniable fact that fast & accurate diagnosis could mean the difference between life and death, especially in medical cases like cancer. But in rural areas like Marathwada of Maharashtra, it's a herculean task for people to get hold of their all types (including 3T MRI) reports on time, as there are hardly any neutral diagnostic services and radiological modalities available in the town. As a result, people have to travel to either Pune or Mumbai to perform 3T MRI which causes further delay in their treatment and advancement of the disease apart from costing the heavily. However, amidst this dark scenario, Chandak and his diagnostic clinic Mangal Medi Center(MMC)is a ray of hope offering highly economical yet high-quality diagnostic services to ensure that no section of the society remains untouched from high-quality medical investigations and quality clinical care.

Widely acknowledged for its excellent services & class quality, MMC strives hard to save time, efforts and money of patients by offering all radiological imaging modalities under one roof, 24x7

Widely acknowledged for its excellent services & class quality, MMC strives hard to save time, efforts and money of patients by offering all radiological imaging modalities under one roof

services for MRI, X-rays and reporting for Mammography(executed 22000 mammographies till date) and carry all types of Sonography with the colored Doppler within 60 minutes in most of the cases. Unlike others laboratories that perform Mammography with only four X-rays of the breast, MMC conducts mixture of Mammography and Sonography to obtain more accurate diagnosis report for the early detection of cancer. Uncompromising on quality standards, the test reports are examined and feedback is taken by Dr. Tondare (Mentor) who holds 40+ years of experience. This aids center to earn the confidence level of people, while referral doctors & hospitals results in increase of walk-in and referral patients as well for cancer and other disease diagnosis. “Our accuracy rate is 95-97 percent from day one which is much higher than others (85 percent) and patients who have undergone our Mammography have been surviving for over last 10 years,” proclaims Dr. Tondare.

Being a Trendsetter
Within three years of its inception, MMC enhanced its imaging services with modern diagnostic equipments like 3T MRI, which frame it as Marathwada’s largest (performs 400-900 tests per month) and first-of-its-kind full-service diagnostic center that implements MRI scanning minimal incidence of anesthesia, there by reducing lot of health risk involved in anesthetizing the patient(especially children). As a result of this advance technology, not even a single patient has gone back from the center without MRI scanning (due to claustrophobia or any other incidence). Apart from this, the efforts such as one-to-one counseling, telephonic feedback & counseling, and video calling are applied for the better understanding of the patient condition.

Bearing a unique blend of specialist doctors along with radiologists, MMC is also known for its special Mammography scanning done for male patients and till date it 97 males (between 16 to 83 years) of which two were detected with certain kind of breast cancer. This unique approach of the center is also published in the renowned international journals. The center provides major discounts (25-50 percent) for Mammography patients on so many occasions and conducts lot of free camps across the state by giving the information in local languages in order to create public awareness about the early detection of breast cancer through mamography. So its 15 years time tested most advanced and unique diagnostic center of Marathwada.