Mahajan Imaging: Patient-Centric Innovators Revolutionizing the Medical Imaging Paradigm

Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Managing Director ,Dr. Vidur Mahajan, Associate Director

Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Managing Director

Dr. Vidur Mahajan, Associate Director

Post trailing with foreign innovations for decades, the healthcare-tech industry in our country finally gained pace in the 90s, owing to insightful radiologists like Padmashree Dr. Harsh Mahajan. The honorary radiologist to the President of India & a consultant to the International Atomic Energy Agency (under WHO), Dr. Harsh introduced one of India’s first private MRI machines in 1992, in pursuit of advancing the Indian diagnostic market with novel imaging technologies.He offered the best modality at a fair price by on-boarding a patient-centric approach, which impacted the common people’s mindset, and eventually led to the inception of Mahajan Imaging (MI) in 1999.

Dr. Harsh being the driving force, MI has become a pioneer in introducing a gamut of international imaging innovations to India including CTAngiography, Functional MRI, Standing MRI, Silent MRI, and even Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD). Cut to the present, their recently introduced Mammography machine is even capable of performing both 3D Mammography (Tomo synthesis) and Stereotactic Biopsy. Present in nine centers (four standalone centers & five centers inside some of the most reputed hospitals in Delhi including the one at the Sports Injury Centre, which is India’s first PPP by the Central Government in Healthcare), MIis an affordable destination for any imaging technology available in the world.

Patient Comes First
MI’s patient-centric strategy enables it to produce much better results in everything, right from basic X-Rays to the most complex tests that others fear to touch or are incapable of doing. To demonstrate, MI is the only organization in India to be able to perform Multi-Band functional-MRI of the Brain.The company’s innovative core is augmented with
highly trained & specialized doctors with patient-centric vision who convey the results in an empathetic way. In fact, the concept of patient centricity & empathy is drilled into its entire 400 people strong workforce through robust training modules.

MI’s patient-centric strategy enables it to produce much better results in everything, right from basic X-Rays to the most complex tests that others fear to touch or are incapable of doing

“Though our doctors are given all the freedom in the world in terms of machine time spent on each patient, access to journals and others, it all boils down to how the diagnosis is conveyed. Because we may do a thousand diagnoses everyday, but for the patient, it is only his or hers that matters,” explains Dr. Vidur Mahajan, Associate Director, Mahajan Imaging. Even its front office staff has the freedom to scan a financially poor patient for free of charge without prior approval from the management. In fact, they often get rewarded for such timely acts.

High-end imaging which is primarily comprised of CT, MRI and PET CT being its forte, the company runs a PET CT center at Gangaram Hospital, which is one of the busiest PET CT centers in the world. With the efficiency of its experts, MI processes almost 450-500 PET scans per month on one machine, which is amongst the world’s highest. The company runs about seven MRI machines, each with its unique capability. For example, in Gurgaon, MI recently launched India’s first & only MRI with multi-band imaging capacity that offers amazing resolution fora brain scan, which is not even commercially available currently.

Rebelling against the status quo of package based healthcare, the company’s UK trained preventive healthcare expert provides comprehensive personalized healthcare, wherein the doctor suggests relevant tests based on the patient’s family history, blood reports and medical history.Committed to raise the caliber of imaging across India, it has launched MI Education &Research Academy (MIRA) – a
joint venture with GE Healthcare, which provides hands-on super specialty training courses (neuroradiology, musculo skeletal MRI, CTA of the heart and others) to radiologists nationwide, where most of the participants are from Tier-1 & Tier-2 cities.

Robust R&D
MI’s R&D has played a pivotal role in its triumph. The company has joined hands with some of the global healthcare-tech organizations like GE Healthcare & Philips Healthcare, and other leading institutions worldwide, wherein the company provides its expertise to help them perform scientific research whether it is clinical research, product development or basic science.For instance, through a collaborative project with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), for over eight years, MI has been doing advanced functional MRI scanning for children who are blind since birth after providing them eyesight and observing the improvements, which bestows MIT with useful data that would fuel its Artificial Intelligence research projects.

At present, MI is experimenting with a standalone CT scan model that would cater to all the nursing homes in its surrounding area. “Over the years, we have paid predominant focus in building our high-end IT infrastructure, and today, our doctors can access any patient sitting anywhere in the world,” he asserts. Other novel innovations pipelined for future include three latest MRI machines, of which two are first of its kind machines in the world. “We never measure our success in terms of revenue; in fact we gauge it with our innovations & technology introductions,” concludes Dr. Vidur.

Key Management:

Dr.Vidur Mahajan, Associate Director
Dr. Vidur is responsible for new projects at Mahajan Imaging which includes setting up new imaging centres, and new business verticals focusing on scientific and clinical research. He did an MBA with dual majors in finance and healthcare management from the Wharton School of Business and did MBBS from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai. He is passionate about improving access and affordability of high-end medical care across the developing world.

Headquarter: New Delhi