Magnus Medi: NABH & IATA Accredited Medical Tourism Company Offering One-Stop Solution to Medical Tourists

Mihir Vora,CEO
Mihir Vora, CEO

The Indian medical tourism market is estimated to reach $8 billion by 2020, according to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Grant Thornton. The unique fusion of skilled doctors, advanced facilities, low cost of treatment and no waiting time has made India a top-notch hub of medical tourism, fascinating huge number of international patients every year. The surge in foreign patients seeking Indian health facilities for specialized and quality care has resulted in the mushrooming of service providers that facilitate international patients search and opt for the best treatment available in the country.

One such medical tourism service provider is Magnus Medi, which was started in 2010 as tour & travels, now serves as a one-stop-solution provider for medical travelers in India. The company takes care of all the needs from pre-treatment to post-operative phase such as getting quotations, pre-medical consultations, and appointments with JCI, NABH and other accredited hospitals having specialized doctors. “We are not just healthcare facilitator but also a friend in India who stays beside
patients to ascertain their comfort
in hospitals & doctor’s place to their healthy journey,” avers Mihir Vora, CEO, Magnus Medi.

"Magnus Medi provides end-to-end allied services for patients travelling to a 'not so familiar’ country"

Besides offering boutique of treatments across cardiology, oncology, transplants, orthopaedic, alternative medicine (homeopathy, Ayurveda and wellness travel), Magnus Medi provides end-to-end allied services for patients travelling to a 'not so familiar' country, including procuring medical visa, booking flight tickets, arranging transport & internet enabled SIM card, booking accommodation, arranging food, FOREX services and most importantly patients care services after treatment at their location. Additionally, the venture upholds unique healthcare packages (customized & cost-effective) for full body check-up, creates wellness therapy with an intention to connect with business people, and leisure tour.

Customer-Centric Firm
At Magnus, patients are not forced to take treatment from any particular doctor/hospital rather they are given full freedom to take their own decision and are flooded with multiple options & profiles of medical practitioners (from different Indian states). This unique approach not only empowers patients with all the required information but also help them in grabbing right medical fraternity for their treatment. Furthermore,
its talented workforce assists clients in selecting the best & suitable service provider, treatment option and medical advices during treatment & follow-up. These experts undergo rigorous soft skill and sensitivity training program to encounter uncomfortable situations, irate and frustrated patients and their families.

This customer-centric venture deploys CRM & travel desk software and agile style ticketing system (deal with queries generated by partners/medical travellers) and creates an extensive SOP from tried and tested methods to deliver QoS. Considering ‘fear of the unknown’ regarding quality of healthcare provider, travel & stay options, and cultural issues as the greatest bottleneck of medical travellers, Magnus educates them on these aspects and has established critical partnerships in the travel sector. Aiming to make patient more relaxed, it further associates with 50+ hospitals nationwide which are complied with national & international healthcare standards(at least NABH).

In fact, Magnus is the only Indian facilitator with both NABH and IATA accreditation. Having a local presence in three countries of Africa, the company is planning to expand its footprint in Indian market and grant digital support to patients. “We are single-minded in our focus to deliver a great experience to the medical traveller instead of just providing them treatment,” concludes Mihir.