Lytus Technologies: Built for Effective Personalised Treatment to Special Children

Dr.Sanjeiiv Geeta Chaudhry,    MentorTelemedicine, tech-enabled remote interactions with a healthcare provider, has been around for decades. The covid-19 pandemic enabled the mass adoption of it as the movement was restricted due to restrictive movements and lockdowns. With the increasing popularity, and telemedicine companies adopting modern technologies to provide better solutions, it is rightly dubbed the future of healthcare.

One of the best use cases of tech in the field of telemedicine is by Lytus Technologies which provides end to end solutions to the patients, merging medical consultation, prescription, diagnostics, care and follow-ups to ensure faster recovery through a single platform.

The Nasdaq listed company (trading symbol LYT), Lytus caters to Indian as well as the US markets. The telemedicine company combines state of the art technology with a patient outreach program to provide a uniquely designed experience to the patients. In India, it has rolled out an advanced fibre network that provides connectivity to 2 million subscribers and enables them to access telecast and cable services of Lytus Technologies. With the telecast and cable services, a patient can access the high-quality services provided by dedicated and
experienced doctors and healthcare support professionals. The superior connectivity enables a near-live experience for the patient and the provider.

In the US, the company render telemedicine services through remote monitoring devices set up at sites where patients are based to make the data and medical information constantly accessible to patients and healthcare providers.

Lytus has created a hybrid model where the services can be accessed through an app, a portal and an android powered set-top box that can be connected to any television or phone line. A patient can receive expert guidance on their condition within thirty minutes. And the technology developed by Lytus enables trained paramedical staff to access all the required details from the patient or the caller within this thirty minutes. The process makes the experience of consulting with a healthcare professional highly productive and worthwhile.

The hugely successful IPO and Nasdaq listing of Lytus stock as a unicorn demonstrates the trust and faith of community in the ability of Lytus to deliver best quality telemedicine services both in India and the United States

“The commonly experienced pain point is the inability of the patient to articulate the real issue and at Lytus we have trained our doctors and staff to handle this very patiently and with compassion. The second difficulty we sometimes encounter is that the patient only speaks a local language and the available doctor may not necessarily be proficient in that language. We try and overcome this by referencing the call to the local language experts by way of a call back to minimise the inconvenience to the patient”, speaks Dharmesh Pandya, Global CEO, Lytus Technologies.

The company hold all the patient data encrypted and private. Now, when Lytus is planning to expand into the corporate sector, the confidentiality of the data will play a major role in providing the services even to remote employees. It is planning to grow its footprints across India and the United States, as well as in many other countries in the Asian and African continents. “We aspire to achieve the highest ratings in terms of patient satisfaction from day one, and a unicorn status in terms of market cap by 2023,” says Dharmesh on the future plans.