LifeSurge BioSciences: Revolutionizing the Gynecology & Pediatrics Markets

Ramanathan S. Iyer, General Manager - Operation

Ramanathan S. Iyer

General Manager - Operation

The need for holistic healthcare for women has always been on a constant rise due to the increasing gynecological challenges. On the other hand, newborns, infants, children and adolescents are witnessing a similar scale of pediatric health-oriented challenges, thereby placing Gynecology and Pediatrics as the two most sensitive yet significant brackets in India. Poised perfectly across these two brackets is LifeSurge BioSciences Pvt. Ltd. endeavouring to deliver products with extensive nutritional value to women and children. In fact, LifeSurge’s core objective is to develop unique products with strong scientific backing in terms of efficacy and compliance in order to convince its customers – medical professionals to prescribe. This way, the firm has been standing true to its tagline ‘A promise of good health’ since its establishment in 2018, with operations spanning Mumbai, Rest of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.

The Inception Story
LifeSurge is a part of the ABans Group, a globally diversified organization owned by Abhishek Bansal (Chairman & Managing Director). Abhishek always had the ambition to plunge into the slow yet steady-paced pharmaceutical space, while he realized that the existing products in the women and child healthcare markets didn’t have proper nutritional value. That’s why LifeSurge was born!
Ramanathan S. Iyer, General Manager-Operations, LifeSurge, articulates, “We are in the constant pursuit of mapping both Gynecology and Pediatrics space and accordingly modifying the existing formulations and mode of delivery. We stand-out in the market because all our products (FDA & FSSAI approved) are developed based on the daily, scientific requirements of women and children, thereby ensuring them the right health”. Since its inception, the firm has been following the traditional pharma model, wherein its field force firstly meets the doctors, promotes the product, generates the prescription, and markets them via ethical modes.

We stand-out in the market because all our products are developed based on the daily, scientific requirements of women and children, thereby ensuring them the right health

Under Gynecology, LifeSurge offers a range of injectable medication products (Gonadotropins) such as HCGSurge, HMGSurge, FSHSurge, and oral products like GestoSurge, Progesterone Hemo Surge (iron supplement) Lifotonin (Melatonin) and many others, thereby treating general health, hormonal imbalance and infertility of women. Even in the Pediatrics category, the firm offers products like AirSurge Syrup, SunSurge Drops (Vitamin D3), Surgolact Drops (Lactose enzyme) and Nobarf (Ondansetron orally mouth dissolving strips). Among these, Hemo Surge (iron supplement) Lifotonin (Melatonin) for infertility, Sunsurge (orally mouth dissolving Vitamin D3 granules) and Nobarf (Ondansetron orally mouth dissolving strips) for nausea are some of the novel drugs of LifeSurge that have gained good acceptance from its customers.

To develop its products right from the point of conception till commercialization, LifeSurge leverages its associations with contract manufacturers, while garnering advices from them as well as its well-experienced senior management. Ramanathan adds, “We hope to tie-up with few institutions at Mumbai to engage in research for our existing as well as new products”.

Down the Road
With continued focus on Gynecology and Pediatrics segments, LifeSurge’s aim is to deliver a handful of nutritional and pharma products with either less or no competition, along with novel drug delivery systems in the future. In the next six months, the firm will be launching two new products in each of these segments, which will be positioned as the first-of-its kind products in terms of dosage and compliance. It also hopes to start exports across South Asian & African markets this year.