Kanupriya: Enabling Embracing Healthy Food

Kanupriya Khanna,Founder

Kanupriya Khanna, Founder

The most important consideration for an expecting mother is the health of the child, and hence her own nutritional intake. However, between traditional advice, internet available gyaan and new age fads, most to-be mothers are either confused or unsure of what would be the most optimal diet. Not to forget the aversion and attraction to certain food types created by the hormonal changes in the body. This need led dietician and nutritionist Kanupriya Khanna to expand her practice to have a special focus on pre-natal, post-natal and young children’s nutrition.

About Kanupriya
Kanupriya Khanna, the founder of Kanupriya, is an alumnus of King’s College, London where she did her Masters in Nutrition after successfully completing her Masters in Dietetics from SNDT University in Mumbai. Her two decades of experience has been at some of the leading hospitals of the country. A mother of two herself, she started her private practice in New Delhi as she realised that helping families adopt healthier lifestyles from an early age would lead to fewer patients having severe dietary challenges later in life. Having gone through two pregnancies
herself, she saw the confusing information pool that can confound women and decided that along with her professional learning and training, she would use her personal experiences specifically to help other would-be mothers. Starting at that level appealed more as that would really mean inculcating healthier choices early on.

"As Kanupriya works with expecting mothers to ensure they have a balanced diet, the company keeps in mind that the food should suit the palate and taste buds of the patients"

Customised Care
As Kanupriya works with expecting mothers to ensure they have a balanced diet that provides them with an adequate amount of calories, proteins, vitamins, minerals, hydration and others, the company keeps in mind that the food should suit the palate and taste buds of the patients. In addition, to ensure that each individual’s lifestyle and family circumstances are taken into account, there are customised plans given to every patient. These plans take into consideration the medical needs of the expecting mother; so vitals such as blood pressure, sugar levels, foetal weight gain, mother’s weight gain, and more are measured by the team. Family food habits are kept in mind to avoid burdening the expecting mother or the household with unnecessary additional requirements.

International Reach
Kanupriya understands that today’s world is global and mobile. And once patient moves to a different country, they should not
feel the pinch of losing a trusted advisor. To ensure continuity, and to honour friends based across the globe who refer patients, The company works seamlessly with patients on email and WhatsApp with time zones being kept in mind.

Karamele: Extending Help to Adopt Healthier Lifestyle
As Kanupriya has succeeded in helping individuals understand that healthier lifestyle need not come at the cost of sacrificing cravings, there began a need to provide easy access to healthier snacks and desserts. Thus, Kanupriya started Karamele: her own creation and brand of desserts and snacks that are devoid of preservatives and artificial flavourings. The Karamele range includes cakes, muffins, cookies, granola and savoury snacks. These products are rich in calcium, fibre, iron, anti-oxidants and others and include gluten-free and sugar-free varieties as well. Passionate about healthy eating, Kanupriya tries and tests these recipes personally before offering them to patients. She has thus been able to include almond flour, oats flour, jaggery, honey and many other natural ingredients in traditionally refined flour and sugar-based eatables.

Kanupriya does not believe that she is merely a dietician or a nutritionist. She sees the role of Kanupriya and Karamele as that of an advisor and asserts, “Helping our clients and patients build a positive relationship with healthy food step-by-step, we start with pre and post natal care but we offer such recipes that can be used by the whole family”.