Kandar Diabetes Centre: Aiming to Curb the Diabetes Prevalence

Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar,Founder, Chief Consultant, Diabetologist & Podiatrist

Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar

Founder, Chief Consultant, Diabetologist & Podiatrist

Recent studies show that the culture of diabetes is more prevalent in the urban areas in India, as 28 percent of the population living in cities are affected, whereas five percent of the rural population is positive with diabetes mellitus. However, this chronic incurable disease is the resultant of lifestyle disorders and genetics. Lack of health awareness and rapid urbanization with lack of physical activities has contributed to its prevalence, increasing the economic burden of treating diabetes and its complications. Succouring the rural & urban demography with its diabetes services and diagnostic facility is Kandar Diabetes Centre-KDC, a Hyderabad-based diabetes clinic. With a great initiative in the field, KDC is passionately contributing in creating awareness among the pre-diabetic and diabetic patients, empowering them with diabetic knowledge and providing quality treatment at minimal cost, covering the rural as well as urban areas.

Creating Diabetes Awareness
Incepted by Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar (Chief Consultant Diabetologist), the Centre acts as an exemplary diabetes healthcare centre focused equally on treating and creating awareness about the disease. KDC offers an array of specialized services such as diabetic consultation, diabetic diet, Blood tests, insulin pump clinic, and AGP application on patient’s arm, thyroid clinic, Special Diabetic Foot care clinic, heart test, diabetic neuropathy test, diabetic foot Doppler test, podiatry surgery, children diabetes clinic and many other treatments. Assisted by well trained staff, state-of-the- art diagnostic &
pathology laboratory and pharmacy, the centre ensures a quality on diabetes treatment.

KDC encourages its patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow the prescribed comprehensive diabetes Treatment, further monitoring it using Flux Glucose system. This helps in controlling blood sugar levels or hyperglycaemia. The statistical record of the blood sugar level captured by the device presents a clear picture of the progression or regression in the treatment. “Our pharmacist, dietician and nutritionist further help the patients how to eat what to eat and when to eat to optimized glycemic control better, as prevention is the only cure in diabetes,” explains Dr. Dilip.

KDC is passionately contributing in creating awareness among the pre-diabetic and diabetic patients empowering them with diabetic knowledge and providing quality treatment

Providing a friendly and positive environment at KDC, Dr. Dilip with his team is uninterruptedly involved in treating his patients, understanding their minute issues by attending them for hours. The patients’ belief in him and his treatment is such that it keeps bringing them back for the continued follow-up and betterment. A live example of Dr. Dilip’s unparalleled treatment is his patient whom he treated from the age of four, now aging 20+ is performing well enough in his day-to-day life and is placed at a renowned technology company, all without the need to even get admitted for a single day. His inimitable devotion and successful accomplishments in the field of diabetology is quite picturesque, winning him awards like Podiatrist – Diabetes Foot Care Specialist by World Diabetes Foundation & International Diabetes Federation, participatory award for Recent Management of Diabetes in 2007 by Harvard Medical School, Boston, US, and others.

Knowing Dr. Dilip
Being the first doctor to prescribe Insulin Pump machine (in 2004) in united Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Dilip garners his various courses and lectures certificates from various prestigious institutes like University College Dublin School of Medicine-Ireland, Royal College of Physician-UK, Havard Medical School US, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust-UK; Steno Diabetes Centre-Denmark;. Despite his professional commitments, Dr. Dilip performs prodigious services like free diabetes and complication screening camps (health check-up) in various rural places and urban slums of Hyderabad, Adilabad, Nirmal, Srisailam (for Chenchu tribes) and few districts in West Bengal for poor people.

Experiencing a 15 percent revenue growth since last year, KDC plans setting-up a diabetic foot ulcer-based clinic and execute some of its experimental innovations after getting it registered in ‘TMR’ by Govt. of India.