Jeena Criticare Logistics: Extending Logistic Services To the Pharma & Diagnostic Sector

Anil K. Agarwal & Rajib Guha,DirectorsThe logistics and supply chain industry hurdles through a lot of challenges while making the products available from the provider to the end consumer. The pandemic saw an edge to this when almost everything had to be delivered at the consumer doorstep and in turn, leveraged the entire Logistics industry. Headquartered in Mumbai, Jeena Criticare Logistics is a sector specific domestic healthcare extension of Jeena & Co. Jeena Criticare Logistics. It was founded on 1st January, 2018 under key persons Anil Agarwal and Rajiv Guha(Directors).

It provides logistics services to the Diagnostics & Pharma sector, Cord blood/Stem cell/Eye/Blood banks, CROs, Diagnostics equipment, reagents & consumables companies, Vaccine manufacturers, WHO & Govt. institutions like ICMR, NIV, NIIH, NIRRH, NIRT and many more.

Best Packaging Methods To Maintain The Temperature Of The Shipments
The company dedicates itself, operating round the clock to its clients. We provide services in Air, Surface, FTL, reefer vehicles across the country, serving more than 480 locations in Tier-I, II & III cities. The company follows IATA regulations while offering its own packaging for frozen shipments. To ensure that the quality and temperature is maintained throughout, Jeena uses Gel packs and dry ice while shipping across the country.

Jeena Criticare Logistics specializes in providing services to the healthcare industry. The well trained staff takes care of handling diagnostics samples, cord blood, vaccines,
medicines, etc across the country. The Quality department deals with monitoring and preparing required SOPs as per GDP/ISO guidelines. Jeena also offers tailor made services as per the customer requirements. offers. The major USP is that the company maintains its TAT, delivering within the shortest period of time at a competitive cost.

Despite the several challenges faced, the Jeena Criticare Logistics and shipping industry is coming up with new innovations to deliver their customers to the best of their efforts

The company ships door to door where the packages are picked up from different locations and then packaged accordingly with the customer and product requirements. The connections are done on NFO flights & delivered as soon as it is retrieved from the airport cargo.

Best Possible Efforts To Maintain TAT & Provide RealTime Tracking
The customers often are concerned with the timely delivery of the shipments. There are certain risk factors involved like flight cancellation and delays, natural calamities or political disturbances. These factors might hamper services & delay TAT. The company has digital solutions for this aspect. To track the shipments on real time basis, Jeena uses its own booking and tracking software along with android based application to make it easy for the customers to track the shipments at their end. Also, the Customer service team dedicated itself to follow up all the shipment related queries. The clients can login on the website for MIS report & knowing their exact billing status as well.

Rajib Guha, Director
So far, there venue growth is 250 percent, i.e. from Rs.2 crore in 20-21 to Rs. 4.95 crore in 21-22 and has extended its operations to 375 locations from 250 locations since the last year. The company has a structured road map for the coming year as well. It is expecting and approximate growth 18 crores GP and to increase its service location from 375 to 415 during current year. It is planning to come up with more branches catering to the increasing shipment demands and volumes.