IAS Medicare: Specializing in IVF, Egg Donor & Surrogacy Medical Tourism

Dr. Yugal Kishore,CEO
Dr.Yugal Kishore, CEO

India, the land of proficient doctors, A-1 medical facilities and best infrastructure at affordable prices, has become a lucrative destination for medical tourism, especially for IVF and egg-donor. Besides state-of-the-art medical facilities and guaranteed treatment success, very few patients crack the jackpot of visiting tourist destinations in their spare time, with permission from their doctors. One of the medical tourism companies in Northern India, IAS Medicare, an ISO 9000:2008 certified & ICMR enrolled company, specializes in inbound & outbound of patients for IVF, Egg Donation, Surrogacy (only for Indian patients) and others like Knee/Hip Replacement, Cardiac, Kidney/Liver Transplant, Cancer, Hair Transplant, and Cosmetic & Dental Surgery to name a few.

While other plutomaniac agencies take patients’ money and give false hopes for better treatment, this unique company provides assured IVF treatment packages, under which it refunds the whole amount if the treatment turned out to be unsuccessful and patient failed to conceive. “Until now, we
have never faced that situation since we use highly purified injections for treatments and it always works,” claims Dr. Yugal Kishore, CEO, IAS Medicare. Till date, the company has had 2500+ births from infertile couples around the world and currently has 32 surrogates while other agencies have 10-12 only. As a cherry on top, IAS Medicare takes advance payment for first three-cycle and offers the fourth-cycle free of cost.

" IAS follows ethics to keep things clean and uses technologies like GPS to track surrogates through their SIM cards in case they run away with money "

Making it Easy
To keep patients’ mind away from any wary and keep them engaged in something, IAS Medicare’s ‘Triangle Package’ provides the opportunity to explore the beauty of three cities - Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. For inbound patients, the company provides mobile SIM cards, facilitating unlimited calls and internet package, upon an agreement. Also, IAS Medicare has a toll free number for emergency services for patients, especially surrogates & donors, who want to urgently contact the doctors.

True Towards Responsibilities
The company follows ethics to keep things clean and uses technologies like GPS to track surrogates through their SIM cards in case they run away with money. IAS Medicare has knit good relations with city’s commissioners,
S.H.Os, media, various NGOs, IVF Centers like Nova IVF, Indra IVF, Medicover IVF, Max and tertiary hospitals who stand by them in emergencies. Its strong contacts with agents help find surrogates for infertile couples. While they earn money, the company stays truthful towards its job by taking good care of the surrogates and ensures nothing goes wrong. Even though the agents submit detailed information on surrogates, IAS Medicare’s employees go to verify the details, i.e. location, family and so on, and save it for future reference.

The company has introduced a first-of-its-kind e-blood bank that displays blood data on its website. IAS Medicare provides free blood group test(for 21-30age group professionals) and asks for their consent to share their data on their website if they are willing to donate blood when required. Over the years, IAS Medicare has forged tie-ups with 180 corporates like Maruti, Hero Motocorp, Honda Motocorp and several big hunks. Spreading its wings beyond Gurgaon, IAS Medicare currently has offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi & Guwahati as well.

This 1991-established company intends to develop an app where it can update details of egg donors through Adhaar card which will be useful for doctors in future. Also, IAS Medicareis coming up with a website like 'Justdial' where IVF clinics can register and public can compare the treatment, prices and other information to ensure the best treatment at an affordable cost.