I5 Clinical Research: Satiating the Demands of Quality Health Care via Dedicated Business Verticals

D.T.Arasu,Founder & MD


Founder & MD

While the research by Clinical evidently depicts the increase in number of registered clinical trials from 231,208 in 2016 to 261,940 in 2017, the costs incurred to perform them have also equally increased, which signifies the need to streamline R&D for reducing costs and execution times. Attributing its cent percent client retention rates to not just timely execution of clinical trials but with affordable costs too, Chennai-based I5 Clinical Research owns Specialized CRO (SCRO) to perform clinical research (CR) for arts like Ayurveda, Siddha, neutraceutical, cosmetic & herbal products with exemplary quality. Incepted in 2009 with a team of four, I5 gradually expanded its SDMO base by incorporating all basic facilities and developing internal CR units via efficient process, trained manpower & site staffs, and sophisticated infrastructure. “Having established 100 clinical research centres, we are preeminently recognized as India’s first ever SDMO with the strongest track record and longest sustainability even during the highest regulatory turbulence and also as the most forward thinking SMO, in 2012,” asserts D.T.Arasu, Founder & Managing Director, I5.
Dedicated Business Verticals
I5 (revamped and to function in the new name IDD RESEARCH SOLUTIONS (Inventive Drug Development) from 2018 onwards, to be headed by Dr Yogesh Sharma as CEO and some of the leading names in the industry on board on key positions) stands apart from competition as the first CRO to develop a standalone vertical for RBM that devises solutions accounting to 25 percent cost reduction over traditional model as a complete third party outsourcing model. Exploring real-time operational challenges, it further surges ahead with its unique strategy of developing a superior process first and later building the requisite technology to complement it.

I5 has procured the strongest medical monitoring team, highly experienced in real-life medical practices to oversee, address, review and report any safety related issues in clinical trials

Besides enhancing its clients’ drug development paradigm’s value with its end-to-end consultant services and standing as a one-stop solution throughout the concerned process, I5 also provides industry oriented certification program for life science graduates seeking jobs in CR realm via its vertical 'I5 Academy', which focuses on Operations, DM, Bio statistics, RBM & PV. Having witnessed more than 100 pass outs in last three years, it ensures cent percent placements.

Adhering to various international standards, local regulations, and guidelines as per the study requirements, I5
has procured the strongest medical monitoring team, highly experienced in real-life medical practices to oversee, address, review and report any safety related issues in clinical trials. No wonder, I5 has completed around 20 Phase II studies, 70 Phase III studies, 100 Audits, seven IIT studies, two Epidemiologic & 200+ BABE studies, conducted the world’s biggest neutraceutical studies and was featured in world's renowned journals like Nutrition & NAJMS. In fact, after a comprehensive study conducted by I5 in around 16 Indian centers on a neutraceutical product for Abbott Pharmaceutical in collaboration with Preemptive Meds, the product was launched by Abbott in the Indian market.

Imbibing the Trends
Outperforming all its previous years' revenue with an excellent figure this year, I5 is envisaging to achieving $5 million in two years and around $20 million in 2021 and also expanding its footprint into markets like Asia, Europe, US and Australia. Aiming to partner with key markets seeking RBM outsourcing, I5 is initially targeting medium & small-sized CROs, Pharmas and academic institutions without Indian presence. I5 is also greatly involved in launching its RBM vertical in full fledge, developing a novel Centralized Drug Development process by 2020 and some unique CR products by merging patient engagement platform, real world data and clinical study management. By consolidating multiple user cases and high-end technologies like IoT, AI & voice reorganization, I5 is designing a tool which would be the first full-fledged implementation of Six Sigma in Clinical Research Conduct with efficient control system.