Human Fractal: Pushing the Boundary of Wellness

Srinivasa Vivek J,Co-FounderWith health and wellness becoming mainstream; the industry experiences a massive boom in the current times. The opportunities are tremendous. To put things in perspective, preventive and wellness market in India is 100B$ opportunity. New job roles are being created as health and wellness is moving towards personalization, at scale engagement with the aid of digital capabilities. Companies are fine-tuning their business and operating model in order to drive sustained revenue growth and ensure profitability.In a nutshell, there is immense scope for lot of players in multiple areas. Contributing to this growth is Human Fractal,a next-gen digital health company focusing on enabling people to own and improve health outcomes through AI-powered insights, actionable interventions that drives engagement through their personalised health journey.

Human Fractal runs scientific wellness journeys for individual customers. The company uses clinical grade diagnostics & assessments forall its journeys. “We help individuals build owner’s manual of their body which we call as Human 360. It includes blood biomarkers, genetics, microbiome, body composition. We derive blueprints on Human 360 using a combination of AI& human experts in the loop. We compute health risks, insights, nutrition status to augment the clinician & practitioners who creates an action plan for customers,” explicates SrinivasaVivek J, Co-founder.

The company’s intervention library includes all the pillars of wellness including clinical, nutrition, movement, mindset and lifestyle. Vivek informs, “Our behaviour AI which we call the Resonant, uses behaviour and neuroscience techniques to instil user action
and hence behaviour change. The whole journey is driven through our mobile app with support from our practitioners. We have a variety of curated journeys for each part of the health spectrum. We track both subjective and objective outcomes.”

The Genesis

The founding team at Human Fractal has a diverse background including business consulting, engineering, real-time systems and health IT. The ideation took shape when great minds came together to form this company couple of years back to transform human health and wellness using digital technology, data and science. They sensed the lack of science and evidence based approach in wellness and based the company on the ethos of being data driven, science and evidence based, outcome oriented and hyper-personalized.

Human Fractal has 8000 retail customers, serves more than 20 corporates in Bangalore, Chennai & Cochin on workplace performance

Over the years, the company has crafted superior experience using human centered design combined with its digital capabilities. To demonstrate outcomes, it has completed science and partnerships with clinicians. “With these things at core, we believe we can breakout from others. It is already visible with the kind of customers adopting our platform,” he smiles. The platform also provides digital building blocks and tools to craft & execute a data enabled health & wellness journey for the providers and practioners.

With its platform providing wellness, prevention, performance and therapeutic journeys, it is probably the only company in India which provides evidence based journeys across the spectrum from athlete performance to digital therapeutics on a single platform capability set.

The Growth

Human Fractal houses a team of 20+ people which includes product engineers, UX experts, doctors, behaviour scientists, care co-ordinators and health coaches. The team collaborates using superior practices and digital tools. It has 8000 retail customers, serves more than 20 corporates in Bangalore, Chennai & Cochin on workplace performance. “On therapeutics side for care and post operative care journey, we have providers whose combined in-patient bed capacity of more than 2000. Also we are expanding to Dubai, Singapore and Spain for therapeutics and workplace performance,” Vivek mentions.

The team aims to run 1Lac Journeys across wellness and therapeutics before this year end. “We are well positioned to achieve that goal including technology, capital and sales pipeline,” he concludes.