H.K.Data Services: A Partner of Choice For Healthcare Logistics Services

Kunwar Singh,Co-Founder

Kunwar Singh


With the rising challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain has emerged as the single saving grace for the supply of lifesaving medicine, surgical kits, oxygen concentrates, need for blood & plasma transfusion, and temperature sensitive vaccines. Since March 2020, the sector has been one of the most reliable pillars in the fight against the pandemic and plays a crucial role in combating the virus. According to a report by JLL, the country’s cold chain sector is poised to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent by 2025, with the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain continuing to be a significant growth driver. The fast-growing healthcare market dynamics during the pre & post pandemic situation and customers’ expectations around time-bound deliveries demand faster connectivity and mostly quality delivery.

This is when H. K. Data Services a fast-growing and leading customer-centric logistic service provider steps into the picture. Embedded in its DNA to understand and solve customers' complex problems, HKDS offers a helping hand to several customers with its tailor-made solutions that fit nicely to their expectations.

Lending A Helping Hand
During the Covid times, it was difficult for all the hospitals, labs, and healthcare companies to deliver their products at the last mile. Also, almost all courier companies
were facing delivery challenges due to the lockdown. Understanding the need of the hour, HKDS partnered with all the leading courier service providers to offer broader delivery services into tier-II & III cities, ensuring that required goods are delivered anywhere, at any time. The Mumbai-headquartered company provides unmatched services like biker deliveries and personalized vehicle delivery support across India. It successfully supplied Covid kits to a wide array of locations with cold chain network vehicles during the Covid time, encouraging the logistic team to be on the field and supporting the tagline cause `We deliver whatever the situation is'. This initiative helped the customers to meet their increased expectations by supplying Covid kits to all the hospitals and labs. HKDS also partnered with several transport companies, making them one of India's leading players for delivering heavy medical instrument shipments, temperature-controlled shipments, and Covid-19 instruments & kits to 200+ hospitals and labs. The company also work with various hospitals and healthcare companies, including Manipal Hospital, Fernandez Hospital, PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Anderson Diagnostics, Acquity Lab, to arrange daily blood samples, tissue samples, Covid kits, and Covid machines from anywhere in India within a 48-hour delivery time to the processing lab. During the Covid era, HKDS achieved this by supporting them with a 95 percent TAT. Today, the company with a track record of close to two decades of commitment & experience has seized a laudable reputation by bringing the best service while exceeding customer expectations.

HKDS offers a helping hand to several customers with its tailor-made solutions that fit nicely to their expectations

Heading The Game
HKDS's forte lies in offering best-in-class services, including 3PL warehousing and integrated logistic & distribution solutions, and value-added services like packing, repacking, and kitting activities that involve assembling different products into finished goods. These services are helping the hospital, healthcare, and lab industry to have the product mix & match arrangement and deliver to the customers as needed. The company also offers advanced services like reverse logistics and MIS reports. Its presence in major cities gives customers an edge in implementing the Bulk N Break model for storing marketing material, finished goods, machines, and other products and reducing delivery times. Climbing the success ladder with a steady growth year-on-year, HKDS envisions expanding into the healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics, transportation, and cold chain management domains.