Herbalage: Marrying Modern Science with Ayurvedic Texts to Produce Wellness & Preventive Healthcare Products

Mohammad Aqeel Syed,  MD & CEO
Mohammad Aqeel Syed
Ayurveda and modern science(allopathy) are two distant roads leading to the same destination-healthcare. In pursuit of finding better treatment solutions, the two roads need to be blended into real life treatment paradigm. That is what Herbalage exactly does! A research-based organization incepted in 2006 with a stark objective of serving Indian & international market, Herbalage uses modern technology to explore the relevance of scared ayurvedic texts followed by scientific research by a team of researchers & experts who evaluate the molecular, chemical, & phytonutrient properties of ingredients of herbs & shrubs mentioned in ayurvedic texts, and interpret them in the light of contemporary scientific language to offer wellness & preventive health products.

A lifestyle-based company, Herbalage offers a range of products that address all sorts of diseases & disorders related to lifestyle, like rheumatoid arthritis, BP, blood sugar, mental & physical stress, and diseases related to joints & bones, heart, liver, and kidney. For instance, one of its products nurture pituitary gland that helps the entire glandular system
and gives mental restfulness, nurtures heart, boosts memory, enhances reasoning power, and much more.

" Herbalage manufactures Ayurvedic products with a sole purpose of serving humanity & improving lives throughout the globe using 7 Tissues Nourishment Concept"

The specialist of Herbalage is the ingredients it uses in its products; for instance, its Black Catalyst is made from Curcuma(Haldi)& Black Seed that are found in every kitchen. As the name suggests, the product catalyzes anything that we consume including drugs and enhances the bioefficacy & bioavailability of drug thereby eliminating its side effects. Moreover, the product acts as anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and anti-arthritis, and gives mental relief, nurtures the heart, stops hair fall and gives glowing skin. “Ourherbal ayurvedic multivitamin made from moringa (shagen) & beetroot (chukandar) offers a full range of vitamins that includes vitamin A, B & C, minerals, and hydro-nutrients,” asserts Mohammad Aqeel Syed, MD & CEO, Herbalage.

Restoring Ayurvedic Principles
It’s no secret that Allopathy is the favored treatment of Indians, as they believe Ayurvedic treatment is time-consuming. Busting this myth, Herbalage offers readymade products that not only addresses the health concerns but are also time-effective. Herbalage manufactures Ayurvedic products with a sole purpose of serving humanity & improving lives throughout the globe using 7
Tissues Nourishment Concept(7TNC)- Balancing of humor (tri-dosha) of Vata-Pitta- Kapha, elimination of toxins (AMA) and nourishing seven structural tissues (Sapta Dhatus) known as plasma (ras), blood cells (rakta),muscles (maans), fat tissues (meda), bones (asthi), bone marrow (majja), & reproductive tissues (shukra); and rejuvenating the body by enriching nutrition (Rasa), improving digestion & metabolism (Agni) and micro-circulatory channels(srotas).

Ensuring the quality of products, Herbalage follows every manufacturing process &uses products mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. These products are made using only rigorously tested raw materials supplied by COA certified suppliers, followed by ILA (independent laboratory analysis) and INA processes conducted on the materials in its own laboratory. Only post a satisfied result are these materials used for manufacturing process, which is conducted as per GMP (good manufacturing practice), and advocated by AYUSH. Moreover, in order to make its products a global one, the company adheres to ASO and ISO standards, and manufactures products as per FDA.

Continuing Excellence
Keeping pace with emerging technologies, Herbalage upgrades its products every six months. The company offers its products PAN India & also exports to international market. Till date, it has served more than 10,000 customers, and aims to become an Rs. 200 crore company in 2019-20 & Rs. 1,000 crore by 2023-24.