HealthyNudgez: Nudging You towards a Fit Body, Mind & Soul

Sunita Roy Chowdhury,Co-Founder & Director

Sunita Roy Chowdhury,
Co-Founder & Director

As per a report by Wills Towers Watson, 66 percent of employers have already taken or will take steps to develop a mental health strategy, while 59 percent of them are planning to strategize chronic behavioural health conditions. However, to regulate this change, there is a requirement of expert and experienced opinion-makers, which is clearly professed by the Delhi-based virtual health platform - SS Guiding Stars Pvt. Ltd. operative under the name HealthyNudgez. Curated by some of the best industrial minds, this 2017-founded company was conceptualized to nudge people towards fit body, mind and soul through lifestyle coaching with holistic well-being through its blogs, personalized counselling sessions, workshops, seminar, talk shows and videos on topics related to medical therapy, diet therapy, nutrition, healthy recipes, yoga, meditation and travel.

Brainchild of Sunita Roy Chowdhury & Sonam Chauhan (Co-Founders & Directors), HealthyNudgez is a unique concept that deters from talking about a thin body and rather focuses on a fit body. “We stand by
our motto, ‘A Small Nudge towards a Happier Life’ where our team of expert nutritionists, dieticians, yoga experts, psychology experts, academicians, lifestyle coaches and doctors work together to provide an overall solution to one’s health requirements,” asserts the duo.

"HealthyNudgez expert team assesses clients reports sent through mail, their consumption patterns and requirements after engaging in a one-on-one conversation with them"

A 360 Degree Approach
Physical, emotional and social well-being forms the trifecta for a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle, but is hard to achieve; thanks to the fast-paced life and the norm of instant gratification which make balancing the mind, body and soul a far-fetched aspiration. HealthyNudgez’s 360-degree holistic approach comes into play where instead of overwhelming the customers with mega-scale lifestyle changes, it merges the required upgrades with their existing lifestyle and eases them into accepting a more benefitting way of living. The expert team assesses clients reports sent through mail, their consumption patterns and requirements after engaging in a one-on-one conversation with them. Based on this analysis, a personalized diet plan is formulated to synchronize with their lives. This approach helps customers suffering from a lifestyle disease to seamlessly integrate their strict & specified routine into their lives.

Problems like weight, diabetes and cardiovascular impairments are
slowly repaired scientifically via customized & natural therapies like yoga and meditation, and natural ingredients, which ensure that goal achievement is not merely an unsubstantiated blind chase but a well-thought process negating side effects. Sunita states, “We are in constant touch with our clients through calls & WhatsApp where we talk to them about their routines, allergies, preferences and many more to modulate the plans (if required) while maintaining a regular follow up to ebb in a healthier twist to their daily lives”. Sonam further adds, “We rely on natural ways of achieving our goals, so the question of side-effects does not arise. We are also in constant touch with our clients for any changes further”.

Through its objective of propagating both preventive and curative aspects of Nutrition and other lifestyle changes, the company spreads awareness and educates people to be able to make healthy choices in life. Walking on this motive, HealthyNudgez has already conducted workshops in collaboration with Xcleris Labs, Ahmedabad, on ‘Trends in Nutrigenomics’ jointly with various hospitals where the organization’s main motive was to train the Nutritionists in Application of Nutrigenomics and merge it into the Holistic Nutrition Practice. The company also collaborates with MNCs and educational institutes to educate their employees and students on various aspects of nutrition. As a result, HealthyNudgez has trained 40 nutritionists in each workshop and is today, a proud service provider to 1000+ satisfied customers.