HealthyMinds: Bridging Mental Health Gap via Psychotherapeutic Treatments

Dr. Aleem Siddiqui, Psychiatrist

Dr. Aleem Siddiqui


India is witnessing unprecedented metal health crisis with nearly 56 million population suffering from depression and another 38 million falling prey to anxiety disorders, as revealed by World Health Organization(WHO) lately. Another survey conducted by National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences(NIMHANS)reports the fact that despite three out of four persons experience severe mental disorders, there is a huge gap in psychotherapy treatment and mass awareness. A country where health, wellness and spiritual wisdom are placed at apex, mental illness takes a back seat and become victim of stigma associated with social hierarchy and status obsession, hence a paradox.

Dwelling this bottleneck situation, Dr. M Aleem Siddiqui(Psychiatrist)& Dr. Shazia Siddiqui(Clinical Psychologist) established Healthy Minds in 2010 to offer mental healthcare solutions and spread awareness through information, education and communication. Providing a complete spectrum of mental illness services, the clinic takes a quantum leap by integrating psychiatry with psychology services and renders interpersonal services in all domains. While the duo excel in counseling therapy and work in coordination, cognitive
therapy, motivational therapy and family therapy are also delivered under psychiatric treatment for a holistic well being.

Citing cognitive behaviour therapy as their flagship offering, Dr. Aleem describes the need of this therapy for patients enduring depression and anxiety issues

Providing Peace of Mind
Since mental illness is surrounded by the Gordian knot of apprehensions, Lucknow based Healthy Minds combines psychiatry with therapy to offer a potent mix of psychotherapeutic solutions. While in-house psychiatrist diagnoses the cause of sanity shortfalls and recommends treatment, the therapist in-charge takes the responsibility of treatment implementation without any delays. Moreover, the presence of gendered doctors makes it easier for patients with biological reluctance seek help and undergo treatment positively. Hence, the clinic is an epitome of friendliness, understanding and personalized mental healing.

Citing cognitive behaviour therapy as their flagship offering, Dr. Aleem describes the need of this therapy for patients enduring depression and anxiety issues including low self esteem, sadness, loss of interest and multiple mental disorders. While interpersonal therapy and family therapy is recommended for relationship issues, children undergoing behaviourial problems are treated through behaviour modification
modules. Topping that Healthy Minds’ motivation enhancement therapy helps patients soliciting assistance in quitting substance use.

The Contemplative Therapy
Counting on innovation as the next big step towards mass awareness, Healthy Minds has planned strategies to launch telecounseling services considering the time constraints in today’s lifestyle. The idea is to deliver personalized sessions in the initial stage of treatment while further sessions can be availed through online media and telecommunication. Also in the pipeline is its academic pool initiation under which complex cases from across the country can be discussed (while maintaining confidentiality) and receive opinions from an All-India panel of experts in a new light with new knowledge. “This would provide patients a large exposure and gain a curated direction along with receiving second and third opinions, hence informed treatment and increased success rate,” avers Dr. Aleem, who is empanelled with Indian Psychiatry Society.

Adhering to norms streamlined by Medical Council of India(MCI)and Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI),the licensed professionals keep patient’s confidentiality intact while deploying ethical code of conduct and lawful compliance. Deploying excellence at par, the clinic is catalogued on several hospitals’ portfolio wherein they direct patients for counseling therapy sessions. With a vision to render help for all, Healthy Minds envisages employing therapists along with launching an exclusive helpline for patients seeking assistance during acute crisis.