HealthGennie: One - Stop - Solution for All HealthCare IT Needs

Sudhanshu Goyal, Founder and Director

Sudhanshu Goyal

Founder and Director

Technical advancements have already been a part of major decision makings, policy frameworks and developments in healthcare industry, all around the world. Countries like Canada, Germany and US are principally leveraging in the healthcare IT domain for various purposes, especially preserving digital health records. Hailed for its IT start-up culture, unfortunately, India stands at the lower position in the global scenario, when it comes to the healthcare IT adoption. A latest review report prepared by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MeitY) titled ‘Adoption of Electronic Health Records: A Roadmap for India’ also reveals the same. Moreover, many of the prevailing solution providers are unable to provide a complete and easy-to-use solution that efficiently integrates various healthcare services such as clinics, patientcare, laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals under one roof. Sensing this wide gap in our healthcare IT adoption, Jaipur based Health Gennie provides comprehensive Health IT solutions which comprise complete EHR systems, Reporting and Analytics, Financial monitoring and solutions supported by in-depth data analytics and predictive analysis, which can help in preventing future diseases and illnesses.
Growth backed by in-depth Domain Knowledge
After more than a decade's operational experience in Design, Development, Testing and Implementation and Analytics areas of healthcare IT solutions and products in US,Sudhanshu Goyal moved back to Jaipur to kick start Health Gennie with the objective to provide preventive health care by providing EHR systems which can help in making better clinical decisions.

"Creating A Revolutionary Impact On Indian Healthcare IT Domain, The Salient Features Of Health Gennie Enable Digital Prescription, Integrated Lab, Radiology, Inventory Management, Data Analytics And Reporting, Digital Marketing, Accounting, Appointment Scheduling And Pharmacy Management Within Its Software So That The Entire Process Is Digitized For The Convenience Of Patients And Doctors"

Speaking about the motive behind the development of the solution, Sudhanshu Goyal, Founder and Director at Health Gennie, shares,“Our passion to create a healthy environment for the society has resulted in a one-stop shop for all the health care IT needs. Our EHR system is entirely cloud based one and offers the facility of customization based on the requirements of health institutions. Additionally, Health Gennie provides Preventive Health Care concept by running campaigns on patients of similar types through our Patient Engagement platform, which can be designed by providers to provide care to patients proactively and keep them engaged so they are in control of their health which may help prevent future diseases and illnesses.”
Creating a revolutionary impact on Indian healthcare IT domain, the salient features of Health Gennie enable Digital Prescription, integrated Lab, Radiology, Inventory Management, Data Analytics and Reporting, Digital Marketing, Accounting, Appointment Scheduling and Pharmacy management within software so that the entire process is digitized for the convenience of patients and doctors. With the firm’s Patient Engagement application, patients can manage their entire health record, book appointments, pay fees and interact with the doctors directly on their smart phones. Delineating on other Health Gennie’s unique product features, Sudhanshu says, “Health Gennie uses state-of-the-art technologies to create integrated process and uses Amazon Web services to host the servers. AWS servers are HIPAA compliant servers with almost 100 percent uptime, which gives our users the ability to use it anytime and any where.

The application has been developed with data flow using 256-bit encryption security, which is the highest standard of encryption available today.”

Constantly updating with latest market and technological trends, this innovative company has set a sharp roadmap for the future. They are extending services to large hospitals and other developing countries, while focusing on the patient engagement segment as the main growth area. As the team is all - set for launching the patient application, which will give patients access to all their data along with daily health trackers, Health Gennie is also making a great move towards reinforcing data security and providing Health Gennie products on the mobile and Tablet PCs also.