Dap E-nnovative Solutions: Leading Omnichannel & Personalized Communications For Global Life sciences Companies

 Sylvia Hii,  CEOThe healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing and communications industry is witnessing dynamic changes in recent years. The increasing importance of digital platforms in engaging and communicating with healthcare professionals and the growing emphasis on patient-centered care have reshaped the landscape. As healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing and communications become more competitive, effective digital and innovative strategies are crucial to building trust, conveying scientific information, and reaching patients where they are both online and offline. With the continued evolution of digital transformation in pharmaceutical industry, the medical/scientific marketing and communications industry is poised for continued growth and innovation.

In navigating strict regulations, patient privacy, and ethical healthcare concerns, DAP E-nnovative Solutions excels in medical communications, digital healthcare, and strategic consultancy. With a decade-long proven track record, they specialize in tailored Omnichannel solutions for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for leaner and innovative approaches, further emphasizing the significance of DAP E-nnovative Solution’s products - MediBeez, VOICE, and SPARKS - crafted to meet the evolving needs of the sector while maintaining a delicate balance between ethics and efficiency, offline and online channels, and traditional and innovative solutions.

Gamut of Offerings
The company’s expertise lies in medical writing and digital solutions, crafting promotional materials, Mixed reality(AR/VR) solutions, deep and emerging technologies such as AI and patient simulations, brand consultancy and training modules for healthcare professionals. Moreover, DAP E-nnovative Solutions supports patient engagement by creating diverse materials print, video, websites, mobile apps providing comprehensive medical marketing collateral in both digital and print formats, meeting the industry’s dynamic requirements.

“Medico marketing reflects our initial focus on marketing pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals. In recent years, we’ve expanded our scope to include scientific content development for non-branded therapeutic areas and disease-specific communications, particularly in the context of continuing medical education (CME). Our goal is to provide comprehensive medico marketing solutions that cater to the specific needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, ensuring that they can effectively reach and engage with both healthcare professionals and patients”, shares Sylvia Hii, Founder & Group C.

DAP E-nnovative Solutions facilitates the seamless transition of pharmaceutical products and devices from early to late-stage commercialization. DAP’s intervention ensures that crucial information about these drugs or devices reaches the right audience, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and more.

Beyond commercialization and scientific education and training of healthcare professionals, DAP E-nnovative Solutions is deeply committed to patient centric initiatives such as patient education on various diseases, patient support, and assistance programs.

Experienced Evolution
The landscape of engaging healthcare professionals, particularly doctors, has evolved significantly in response to pre and post-COVID dynamics. Before the pandemic, traditional methods such as print materials, physical interaction and meetings, and CME programs prevailed. However, COVID prompted a swift shift towards virtual platforms, including webinars and emailers as face to face interactions became restricted.

As the next phase emerges, pharma companies seek a balanced approach. Doctors, experiencing virtual program fatigue, are increasingly inclined toward hybrid models, combining physical and virtual engagement. This shift has prompted DAP E-nnovative Solutions to explore how its platforms and products can aid pharma companies in adapting to newer ways of engaging the HCPs, without affecting the budget allocations post-COVID.

“Our extensive experience collaborating with multiple pharmaceutical companies equips us with insights in understanding their unique digital standard operating procedures (SOPs. We understand that embarking on digital projects in the pharmaceutical sector involves working closely with various
departments, each with its own set of requirements and approvals. Our consultancy role is to streamline these processes, providing guidance to help clients secure internal approvals swiftly, which, in turn, accelerates project implementation and success”, shares Sylvia Hii.

Content-based Solutions
Operating in an extremely niche market, heavily impacted by market dynamics, DAP stands at the forefront, assisting pharmaceutical companies adapt their engagement strategies with healthcare professionals. However, the organizations legacy is in content development, particularly in the medical and scientific domains. DAP E-nnovative Solutions inhouse talent pool plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality, impactful, and relevant content.

“Technology also comes into play when we aim to streamline processes and ensure quality control. Quality assurance and quality control steps are integral to our production process. QA professionals check for quality, accuracy, and compliance, while QC involves meticulous testing of platforms, websites, and mobile applications. We employ both automated and manual testing methods”, further shares Dr. Sampreeth Shivanna, Senior Director, Business Solutions.

DAP E-nnovative Solutions is revolutionizing Healthcare through impactful marketing & collaboratively crafting digital solutions to bolster sustainability in the healthcare sector

Content remains a cornerstone of DAP E-nnovative Solutions. The firm has honed the skill of repurposing and repackaging content to cater to various communication channels, which combined with its internal proprietary platforms, allows it to effectively convey content that resonates with the healthcare community.

Success Stories
DAP E-nnovative Solutions has witnessed substantial and sustainable success, notably supporting the top 20 Lifesciences companies in the World. One such example is that of a Global Multinational Life Sciences company, where the company supported in elevating HCPs and patient engagement initiatives. Beginning with print and digital support, it evolved into multi-market products, enhancing reach, and driving meaningful conversations. Pioneering digital innovation, the company ensures seamless access to its products via web and mobile applications, showcasing a decade-long journey of impactful partnerships and growth. To cite an example, it also helped shape a regular training schedule for HCPs through a mentor-mentee portal and a mobile application for seamless exchange of latest clinical knowledge, winning several accolades and helping drive significant commercial shift and HCP access. The firm also supported regional APAC MNCs for bringing in a shift in its routine engagements by offering market first initiatives such as digital gamifications, remote multichannel access and others, there by embracing the entire digital transformation.

Over the years, the company has won the trust of more than 20 medical associations in India and APAC region, thereby driving meaningful endorsements to its various educational initiatives.

The company has won several Global awards like ACEF Asia Leaders Forum Awards, and featured in the APAC CIO Outlook as one of the top 25 healthcare technology solution providers.

Dr. Gramle Amol, Senior Director Medical Affairs

Dr. Sampreeth Shivanna, Senior Director Business Solutions
Future Roadmap
So far, DAP E-nnovative Solutions operations have primarily focused on customized medico marketing services, tailoring its offerings to meet the unique needs and requirements of its clients. This approach will continue in the coming years too as the team responds to client requests and pitches successful solutions from one client to another.

However, DAP E-nnovative Solutions future direction includes a significant shift towards product based offerings, and there are three key reasons for this shift. First, products enable DAP E-nnovative Solutions to be more efficient in terms of time to market. Secondly, products allow for scalability, opening up opportunities for global expansion beyond its current Southeast Asian market reach. Thirdly, products offer real-time analytics and course correction capabilities.

DAP E-nnovative Solutions is addressing new challenges in the life sciences industries. Firstly, it’s countering reduced medico marketing spend by developing VOICE(Virtual Outreach for Interactive Communication Excellence) product for HCPs for efficient interactions. Secondly, it tackles the growing medical knowledge information dissemination and clinical upskilling needs with MediBeez, a Doctor Networking Platform for enhanced collaboration and knowledge exchange. Thirdly, DAP E-nnovative Solutions focuses on patient centricity with SPARKS, streamlining patient support programs through intelligent process automation, patient data security, reducing regulatory complexities, and enhancing patient care.

“These three products represent our commitment to innovation and solving unmet needs in the industry. Through product-based offerings, we aim to provide efficient, scalable, and impactful solutions that address critical challenges faced by our clients in the pharma and life sciences sectors”, shares Dr. Gramle Amol, Senior Director, Medical Affairs.

With strong determination to reshape the dynamic healthcare and life sciences marketing industry, Digital A Plus is gearing up to launch innovative strategies and products which will propel the firm ahead in further revolutionizing the industry.