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Rajat Jain,Founder

Rajat Jain


It is eminently known that a dietitian emphasizes on building wellness rather than treating diseases. They are the food and nutrition experts who translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living, bridging the gap between you and your healthy living standards. A proper knowledge about your food habits and diet schedule is definitely important in a healthy lifestyle and so people tend to consult diet clinics to acquire assistance in eating patterns and healthy routines. These establishments of personal and professional connection altogether with the clients bring a new and reinvigorated version of nutrition that is being served by Jaipur based Health Wealth diet clinic. It is an offline and online diet consultation firm conceived by prominent Dietitian Rajat Jain, who holds years of experience and knowledge in the nutrition field along with a skilled and dedicated team of junior dietitians, to solve the queries of offline and online clients.

The online platform has indeed added feathers to its services and boosted the team’s profession with
influential management. Social media has been a great way of providing solutions to the people looking for dietitian help and Rajat even has commendable reviews for his online consultancy as well. Health Wealth under Rajat has launched its own range of health products such as supplements including Omega-3 (fish oil) Capsules, Multi-vitamin and Apple Cider Vinegar.

" Rajat vests keen importance in including natural food items in their diets rather than synthetic supplements"

The Personal Touch
The consultancy of Rajat focuses on holistic health rather than numbers, therefore promoting a healthy lifestyle and not just providing a diet plan but a healthy plan instead. He not only offers consultative services to his clients but also keeps intact the quotients of familiarity, simplicity, budget and fun aspects in his diet plans. He suggests the dietplan as per the tastes and preferences of the client with his likes and dislikes being prioritised. The cultural festivities are also kept in mind while providing any diet chart. Rajat vests keen importance in including natural food items in their diets rather than synthetic supplements. All the diets that are prescribed are pre-calculated on the basis of daily calorific requirement (protein, carbohydrate and fat) of every client, based on their body composition analysis, medical history and current medication & lifestyle.

As healthy living should be one’s ultimate goal, Rajat emphasizes
his clients to apt for healthiness by sticking to the basics, utilising technology. All the diet charts are fully natural and easily available at home at reasonable budget, while food substitutes like meal replacement are kept out of his diet plans. Along with this, he also provides fun-based workout charts for his clients such that they don’t get bored of the regular exercises. In this regard, Rajat has successfully brought up various holistic health and transformation diets through his journey of Health Wealth Diet Clinic till now.

The Way Ahead
With such out-of-the-box initiatives by Rajat, it is imperative for him to train his team accordingly. Weekly training programs are usually planned to ensure that the team is well aware of the latest technology and the industry trends to provide customized plans to the clients. Further with these, Health Wealth has seen a steady growth under the supervision of Rajat, who aims to go global by expanding its feathers through online consultancy programs. Rajat’s efforts and success has already been appreciated as being awarded with the title of ‘Best Dietitian in Rajasthan’ by Fitness Excellence Awards, ‘Best Dietitian in Jaipur’ by Dr. Sanjay Biyani and ‘Best Dietitian of the Year’by Golden Star Awards.

With numerous achievements and further missions, Rajat plans to render his services in the most friendly as well as worthy manner and is ready to step on many more ladders of success.