Health Travellers Worldwide: NABH Accredited Healthcare Advisory Firm

Zakariah Ahmed, FounderOver the last five years, rare genetic disorders are prevalent among the population of the Middle East and North Africa, which gravely lacks state-of-science treatments. Baby Jamal was diagnosed with Crouzon’s Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, causing multiple cranio facial abnormalities. If he hadn’t met with proper surgical procedures(not performed in Iraq), it would have led to fatal complications. NABH accredited healthcare advisory firm Health Travellers Worldwide(HTW) offered a complete hand holding, from evacuation to post operative care for Baby Jamal, contemplating a successful cranio orbital surgery from a reputed organization in Mumbai.

Thanks to its founder, Zakariah Ahmed’s extensive experience in patient management for 19 years and implementation of cutting edge technologies, HTW is today dominating the Indian medical tourism space.

Technical Interventions for Effective Solution
It’s the combination of the founder’s extensive involvement with the leading healthcare institutions (globally), and teams vast experience along with integrity & confidence, which sets the organization apart in the industry. However, technology has also played an important role in the exceptionality of the organization. Leveraging the technology to its best, HTW is using various innovative tools like the proprietary PGC and its online portal to better serve its clients both at the retail and institutional level. The portal enables the company to provide the most professional & transparent experience to the patients as it facilitates medical
updates, discharge intimations, billing updates and bill settlements, which customers can view post login. It also has a well curated doctor’s listings with price indications for management of raregenetic diseases like Sickle cell Anaemia, Pompe Disease, Hutchinson Gilford Progeria, Microcephaly, Cystic Fibrosis and many more. Basically, it’s a one-stop platform for seamless communication and secure patient information management amongst relevant stakeholders.

The HTW online portal is a one-stop platform for seamless communication and secure patient information management amongst relevant stakeholders

With such a strong forte, HTW holds a strong network of hospitals across India and offers a catalogue of treatments likeCardiothoracic Surgery, Hepatobiliary Sciences, Neuro & Spine Surgery, Organ Specific Cancer Treatment, Organ Transplantation and Orthopaedics for children to adults. “With focus on providing exceptional patient services and extensive involvement with leading healthcare institutions globally, several Ministries of Health & Defence in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, International Insurance Companies, Corporates, International NGOs and Hospitals/Doctors, rely on us as their preferred advisory,” explains Zakariah.

Comprehensive Protocol for Custom Care Services
HTW customizes each plan based on individual needs to offer bespoke services including medical consultation, medical second opinion, concierge services, tele consultation, and air ambulance services. The company follows a five step comprehensive medical procedure to offer a tailor made wellness plan for each medical tourist, maintaining complete transparency. The plan starts with diagnosis from specialist consultant to understand the problem and proceed to the next step (Diagnosis). After the primary analysis, using a novel intervention patient guiding compass (PGC), the client views the well reviewed and reputed doctors across India and decides the destination to carry out their care plan(Decision). The final treatment plan leads to a hassle free travel plan including Visa documentation, hotel bookings, foreigner registration, appointment booking, professional translators and more(Stay), concierge services that is available 24/7. Successful implementation of the treatment plan trails with post treatment care, follow ups along logistics backup ensuring safe returns to the native country.

Future Roadmap
To move up the value chain and unlock new revenue streams, HTW is expanding its value added services like Business Advisory, Medical Conferences and others. Zakariah concludes, “We are seeing a northwards growth since the beginning of our journey. Getting hold of upcoming opportunities, we intend to establish ourselves as a global brand based out of India”.