Health Quotient: Cozying Up with Reputed Labs via High Quality Services

Dr. Anamika Chandra, Managing Director,Lovekesh Chandra, CEO & Director

Dr. Anamika Chandra, Managing Director

Lovekesh Chandra, CEO & Director

Unlike developed countries like Europe & U.S. where the diagnostic quality is more or less equal among all players, India has a disproportionate number of low quality players. Albeit diagnostic Corporate laboratories provide Quality of Services with high end Technologies, Doctors run laboratories and Diagnostic centres have an edge over them in terms of Doctors interaction with Clinicians and patients to ensure diagnostics results supporting clinical diagnosis. Proffering the best of both these worlds is, Health Quotient, a Delhi-based Reference Laboratory incepted by a seasoned Pathologist Dr. Anamika Chandra (Managing Director) with 25 years of experience & Lovekesh Chandra, who has 22 years of corporate experience with Senior Management positions in India and abroad. “We’re a highly quality-conscious corporate laboratory that directly involve with clinicians and hospital Pathologists (who use our services as Reference Laboratory) to find a correlation between the diagnostic results and clinical finding,” explains Dr. Anamika. “Thanks to L Chandra, our CEO, our deep understanding of companies Employees Health needs, prompt Corporate groups and companies to choose us for their Employee Health Checkups and Wellness programs,” Dr Anamika, added.

Though it’s not yet among Public listed laboratories, but Health Quotient’s focus of quality of reporting, Excel in Service along with prestigious NABL Accreditation poises it into that slot by means of quality & reliability of services. Furthermore, its utilizes top-notch Technologies and Equipment that are
on par with large players,which explains how this 2011-founded firm's clientele portfolio is filled with all the bigwigs along with government bodies like CGHS, MCD (for past three years Dengue Epidemic testing), Delhi Govt, DDA, Delhi Jal board, Supreme Court, Delhi Metro, Mother Dairy and many Private Hospitals and Laboratories (for outsourcing services) in Delhi NCR and Eastern UP. Recognizing its work, Health Quotient CEO, L Chandra was awarded ‘Promising Entrepreneur of India’award in Healthcare field by “Economic Times Entrepreneurship Summit” in 2015.

Aside from providing physical report directly at the centre and sending it via mail, Health Quotient also adopted critical value process that keeps checking for alarming results & informs the patients immediately through SMS alerts

Wide Spectrum of Services
Health Quotient derives 60 percent of its business from large hospitals who outsource their complete diagnostic services or the specialized testing. The lab’s highly successful mobile diagnostics model is a boon for corporates, as it brings all of its equipment including X-Ray, ECG, Vision, Audiometry testing machines to client’s factory/office as a mobile unit and does health check-up camp in their premises, without affecting their productivity. The firm that conducts pre employment & post-employment check-ups and even drug abuse testing for corporate customers on a PAN India basis through its associates, also does Annual Health check-up for employee directly or through TPAs. Health Quotient unique Loyalty Program endows customers with a 20 percent discount on spot, rather than using a point system. The company also has a social side to its business, where it works with Charitable Social & Religious Trust like Gurudwara, Temples, Dharamshala in Delhi-NCR and offers extremely
low price testing services at their dispensaries, where poor, Senior Citizens are the direct beneficiary.

Dr. Anamika Chandra is a well known Pathologist in Delhi-NCR region, where she is known for her quality reporting in Histo-Pathology, Cytology, Immunology, Serology, Hematology, Clinical Microscopy, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Health Quotient is her second entrepreneur venture in last 25 years. Thanks to Dr. Chandra Medical expertise and in-depth experience Health Quotient has adopted Best in class testing Protocol, SOPs and quality Standards to ensure nothing fall through cracks.

While its fully automated with two way interfacing auto-analyser with minimal human error, its central laboratory management system interconnecting all its centres allow pathologists to analyse results in real-time environment, minimize the room for errors and multiple level authorization of results, ensure that no results get to patient/doctor hand without Pathologist approval. Reports can be downloaded by its clients as they get prepared from Health Quotient Portal. Aside from providing physical report directly at the centre and sending it via mail, Health Quotient also adopted critical value process that keeps checking for alarming results & informs the patients immediately through SMS alerts. It not only runs control test against predetermined samples before start testing real patients everyday through its internal quality program, but also subscribes to World prestigious external programs likes of AIIMS, CMC Vallore, BioRad to benchmark itself with best in the world.

Health Quotient’s technical workforce stays sharp by undergoing various NABL-mandated training and evaluations. Currently having 50 employees spread across its reference lab, two satellite laboratories and 15 collection centres in Delhi-NCR and Eastern UP, the firm intends to expand geographically into new states. Growing its revenue at a 20 percent rate annually, Health Quotient ceaselessly innovates on its delivery model to deliver the same high quality products in afforable prices.