Health Habitat: The New Dimension to Eating Better, Not Less

Prachi Shah,FounderWhen the clock strikes 12 on the night of every New Year, masses of resolutions kick in, most being weight-goals, diet plans, and work-out targets. But dilemma follows as it would mean giving up-delicious carbs, meats, sweets and so much more, while replacing them with a plate of greens and lesser grains. While this poses major challenges, many eventually forfeit due to lack of motivation and inability to keep pace with their crash-diet charts. However, what if there was another way avowed, that doesn’t necessitate compromising on favorite dishes and munchies? Breaking customary diet myths with a revolutionary approach to propose promising anti crash-diet regimes, Baroda-based consulting Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian Prachi Shah, Founder, Health Habitat, specializes in advocating healthy weight management and healthy lifestyles. Incepted in 2017 as a harvest of Prachi’s fruitful efforts, who claims to be a foodie herself, the company introduces balanced-diet schedules evolving right out of the foodie’s mind with a blend of her certified professionalism and postgraduate nutrition knowledge. Prachi is also a Level 1 Kinanthropometrist, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus prevention specialist, Lifestyle coach, Pre & post natal fitness trainer, and also has published a research paper in the International Journal of Medicine.

As an ardent anti-crash-diet specialist, Health Habitat is anchored onto incorporating health in one’s eateries with relevant exercise/work-out plans

In sync with this expertise and qualified diabetes and cardiac specialist, Health Habitat delivers five exclusive programs that include dietary and nutrition in diabetic and cardiac care, PCOD, normal way to weight-loss, body transformations and health-pro management of weight. Moreover, as an ardent anti-crash-diet specialist, Health Habitat is anchored onto incorporating health in one’s eateries with relevant exercise/work-out plans. Furthermore, in agreement to no restrictions on the type of food, the diets include global cuisines & beverage guide in Health Manual that balances the social life and regular dietary routines. This helps in managing weekend binge and also during travelling/holidays.

A nutrition assessment and a thorough 40-minute counselling session with clients help understand current life style trends, exercise & food preferences/patterns and accordingly 10-day diet plans are designed, followed by a Body Composition Check-up that determines metabolism, body-fat percent, muscle-mass & body-ratio to gauge client’s progress. Yet the services pose no end, as Prachi herself vouches to personally monitor her clients every three days to ensure client well-being and advancements.

The Stringent Yet Most Convenient Diet-Plan
Initiating with a 10-day plan post counselling,
clients are equipped with diet-schedules that include segments observing ‘every-day vitals’ that convey required measures of sugar, oils, fruits and water. Similarly, eat-out guides contain global cuisines that list-out diverse dishes with pertinent proportions to be consumed, and lastly a beverage-guide that determines the relevant alcoholic/non-alcoholic measurements for consumption. Understanding the crucial importance of imparting the right knowledge of food, Prachi believes that while on diet one should eat more than their current diet to develop a body-composition that guarantees healthier outcomes. To this she states, “I believe that while dieting one should eat more than the current diet, because weight on the scales don’t suffice. I instead believe on body composition, which is something that is internal, and if that is correct then one is bound to be fit and stay so in the long term”.

The Future of Diet Seems Bright
Besides being a dedicated-researcher and an expert with blazing vigour to transform the segment of dietetics and nutrition, Prachi holds active membership in the Indian Diabetic Association and associates with top doctors, dieticians, endocrinologists, diabetic specialists & cardiologists. In light of this engulfed with rigorous passion, Health Habitat is laid on the foundations of hardcore research and holds the ambition of transforming misconceptions of people with regard to diet. Prachi also aims at establishing the company’s niche within the state of Gujarat before branching out franchises within the next three years. With this in view, Health Habitat aims at taking on a global reach and even present its founder on the famed platform of TED Talks.