Hairline: Revolutionary Treatment for Hair loss with Technologically-Advanced & Scientifically-Proven Techniques

Dr. Bani Anand,Founder & MD

Dr. Bani Anand

Founder & MD

As kids, all were once flabbergasted by the bedtime story of Disney princess Rapunzel who had magic hair. But in reality, marching towards adulthood is when people truly realized the magic of hair, how having a luscious mane spurts confidence in look and personality. However, things are taking a U-turn lately with more people falling prey to hair loss. “With our ultra-modern techniques we ensure that everybody has a smiling face and a head full of hair,” quips Dr. Bani Anand(Founder & MD) elaborating how her internationally renowned hair clinic Hairline is embarking a new wave in the space rendering some of the most technologically advanced & scientifically proven hair services such as Robotic Hair Transplant, Scalp Micro-pigmentation, PRFM, and CNC 3 D Printed Hair Restoration.

Fusion of Experience & Technology
The No.1 Trichology Clinic in Bangalore as per a media survey the Times of India for 3 consecutive years, Hairline is always on the lookout for innovation and has recently rolled out a robotic hair transplant method, a perfect fusion of its experience and robotic machine for improved precision, depth, reduced blood
loss, and time. Further, the clinic has expertise in all hair transplants like FUE, FUT, FUE + FUT, DHT, Hair Multiplication & A cell Matrix Hair Transplantation. Scalp Micro pigmentation(SMP) is another keystone service that not only gives a chance to clients with diffused hair loss (especially people with alopecia totall is or universallis) to gain a denser head with authentic look but also helps to overcome a major challenge of insufficient donor hair, by combining Scalp Micro pigmentation and hair transplant to give a fuller look to the head. The pigments are non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-animal tested, and is imported from Italy.

Hairline is rendering some of the most technologically advanced & scientifically proven hair services such as Robotic Hair Transplant, Scalp Micro-pigmentation, PRFM, and CNC 3 D Printed Hair Restoration

Another break through for Hairline is the revolutionary platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix treatment for hair loss, inducing a prolonged exposure to growth factors which facilitates increase of hair density & thickness in six months. Besides, the clinic deploys a combination of hair transplantation and PRP for patients who require a total regeneration of hair as it gives better and superior yield with a higher graft survival rate in the case of Hair Transplantation. Of late, thinning of hair is very common in women and Hairline has devised few techniques to
solve this, which include hair fringes, a non-surgical hairpiece that can be styled in any direction which also looks extremely natural. “Clip-on hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who want to highlight their hair without chemical treatments,”says Dr. Bani. Besides these, the clinic also offers hair loss therapy, hair graying therapy, hair weaving & bonding, wigs,cooling caps for chemotherapy patients and hair extensions.

Assimilating that the industry is growing exponentially, Hairline takes an extra mile in upgrading its methods- from trying backward integration, observation studies, to drug trials related to trichology. Proving that it's more than just a clinic model,it publishes work in journals, attends global conferences like ISHRS, world hair congress and works with newer technologies & international companies, all to gain a gamut of information, develop better treatment processes and attain best outcomes. Moreover, the clinic focuses on service and products that add value and benefits to a patient through constant learning endeavor.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified clinic, Hairline follows all the protocols and is licensed by KPME & Pollution control board. Post Hair Transplant Hair Cap, Organic Hair Restoration, Mediceutic Hair Makeover, along with a hand in regenerative medicine, DNA, and gene testing, are the ways through which the clinic is innovating the market. With an industry growth of 30 percent, Hairline is experimenting with a couple of models which will eventually be followed PAN India.