Global Imaging: Bestowing Indian OEMs with Quality Solutions in Minimal Timeframe




Growth is never by chance; it is the result of forces working together. Indian OEMs are manufacturing around hundred X-ray machines per month, which is hundredfold in comparison to more than 20 years ago. The TRADERS are no more sufficiently susceptible of providing solution to these OEM’s, and what these OEM’s need is a solution provider who can assist them right from importing the machine and R&D to manufacturing. Taking care of such nitty-gritty until the machine is successfully built; Global Imaging (GI), has seized sizable share of the Indian OEM market by providing high quality solutions and meticulous R&D within a minimum lead time.Their wide portfolio consists of almost all spares and accessories like X-RAY Tubes, High Voltage Cables, AEC, Aluminum& Carbon fiber Grids, Carbon Table tops, Image Intensifier, High Frequency Generators, , Lead Glasses, radiation protection apparels, static and dynamic Flat Panel Detectors most of which are an integral part of imaging machines.

As this Delhi-rooted company has spread its various branch offices to cities likes Bangalore& Mumbai, and states of Punjab & UP, the aim is to provide ready stocks and efficient scalability model to boost its vertical strength. GI is not only an exclusive distributor of the leading tech-savvy brands like Claymount, Schott, Wanray, Smit
And Teledyneit caters products of the renowned companies like TOHIBA in India. To cater to the requirements of customers in India, its competent team boasts of engineers who have garnered vast experience from servicing all over Asia while working for European companies.

To cater to the requirements of customers in India, GI’s competent team boasts of engineers who have garnered vast experience from servicing all over Asia while working for European companies

Importing from more than eight countries, the company is proficiently catering to the imported product requirements of everyone; from smallest manufacturers to giants like GE, Philips ALLENGERS, SHIMADZU and BPL, to name a few. It is a great achievement that amidst the five companies in the world that can make Tube, the two companies which are selling maximum tubes in India, have Global Imaging as the biggest service provider for Indian market. The amalgamation of all these attributes empowers GI to offer solutions that are beyond the ability of even the giant OEMs.

En Route to Become a Rs.100 Crore Company
What a great business require more than a capable engineer/doctor is a great idea. Despite being a college dropout, it’s the fire of ideating ‘some thing new’everyday that has elevated Ashish Arora (President – GI,&Founder – ODI Technologies) into a successful businessman. When he carved GI out of the 1994-founded AIPL in 2005, the
company earned a turnover of Rs.10 lakh in 2006. Currently GI has proliferated into Rs.30 crore turnover in FY15-16which is a result of his inextinguishable passion and his father’s experience (ex-RBI employee for 35 years) as CFO.

As the Indian market in search for a better technology and higher resolution images is going digital with DRs, digital mammography & Digital Panoramic Machines. GI has launched their own brand ‘ODI’; (Intraoral Sensors, Digital Panoramic, Toshiba and Teledyne panels with software) built by GI as a complete solution to cater to such needs. Already established its office in U.S. that develops software for Indian customers, the company is upgrading itself with keen focus on R&D on more advanced machines to cater to the future digital market.This ISO-9001 certified organization also enables its customers to perform direct digital radiography by facilitating a flat panel conversion from CR to DR.

The company intends to hire DR specialists, sales & service persons to provide complete machine to hospitals & dealers by the end of this year. Though doctors &radiologists haven’t been its direct customers until now, GI has built close relationship with them during IRIA conferences& exhibitions, which is coming in handy now. Its strategy of directly approaching the customers in the imaging dental & radiology industry will be a huge catapult that are expected to launch them in the hundred crore mark.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. A dream doesn’t become reality without dreamer who follows his passion with sweat, determination and hard work. The dream of this company is to make a name for Indian companies and India in the whole world.