GHSL Healthcare: Offering Medicines & Diagnosis Facilities Online & Offline

Sanjeeva Reddy, Founder & CEO,Founder & CEOThe availability of online services for medicines and other medical facilities became a necessity during the Covid scenario. This in turn most of the small medical store owners to move their businesses online to cater to the increasing demands for medical supplies. DocNmeds is one such company that moved to the online business operations much before Covid hit us.

"The growth percentage of the company seems to reached a definite where it can ventureinto new opportunities for investment and growth"

Located in Hyderabad, docNmeds was founded in December 2019 by Mr. Sanjeev Reddy with a motive to cater to the far fetched customers through online services. The company offers medicines and diagnosis facilities, both online and offline. Through an app, the customers can book its online services. It also has a software for the maintenance of stock.

The USP of the company is the 100 percent genuine products and huge discounts on medicines and other facilities. All the stores that the company is tied up for medicines, are certified drug dealers. The company cares for its customers and is highly responsive when it comes to customer services and queries. There are also certain diagnosis facilities that it provides at customer doorstep.

Offering Huge Discounts to Its Customers
DocNmeds initially started as a physical store offering medical supplies. After deep understanding of business and customer pain points, the company then moved towards an online medium. The business point of view for this was more profit margins and a vast area of coverage.
The physical stores only maintain a certain minimum stock according to the local purchase requirement analysis. This thus offers a low profit margin for the physical store owners. However, in case of bulk buying, the profit margins are also huge and so is the customer coverage. This drives more sales as the customers are interested in huge discounts offered to them.

DocNmeds caters them through whatsapp where they just need to send a message and the company calls them, asking their requirements

The pandemic brought along a realization to almost every sector, the importance of an online medium to cater to the supply chain and other processes to cater to the end delivery point the customer. The online medium was not only an effective solution to the Covid scenario, but also the future of every other business. DocNmeds realized this and to fulfil the demand supply gap, it started with online services offered to the customers at their doorstep.

The Old Age Population Especially Needs Such Solutions
The special advantage of these services is gained by the companies old-age clients who are 60-70 years of age and travelling to the store for small medical requirements is not possible for them. On the other hand, they are not much tech savvy and can’t operate apps to book the services. DocNmeds caters them through WhatsApp where they just need to send a message and the company calls them, asking their requirements. The process is smoothly followed up and the customers are satisfied with the services.

The company also offers online services where the children can order for their parents, sitting abroad. The company is also planning to come up with video consultation services to make the entire experience much easier for its clients.

The company has experienced a 100 percent Year on Year growth rate in terms of revenue and customer coverage and further plans to invest 2 crores to maintain this growth percentage. It further plans to expand its operations and delivery centers Pan India. The immediate plan for the next 2 years is investing into diagnosis center with good diagnosis facilities, while also parallelly enhancing online customer experience.