Genius Lane: Providing Evidence-based Therapy Leveraging Advanced Tools

Dr. Rahul Bharat,FounderEvery child is unique, and hence their development distinctively varies, even speech or language skills. Though most of the kids start speaking two letter words by their ninth month, few take time to catch-up even after years of practice. Reasons for this delay may be due to hearing loss, lisp or voice impairment, problem with child’s tongue or the roof of their mouth, and developmental disorder, among various others. But speech or language impairment is not limited to speaking; it impacts a kid’s educational performance, confidence, social, emotional or vocational development. Despite several causes in hand, it is imperative to find the real reason for this delay; hence the need for a proper neurological evaluation and diagnosis is imperative.

Dr. Rahul Bharat, Founder, Genius Lane Child Development Centre, explains, “A child with developmental problems has more needs than other kids. Parents, schools or pre-schools often fail to understand these needs. But without a proper neurological evaluation and diagnosis, even therapists struggle to help them to ensure that children reach their best potential”. Hence, to bridge this gap, Dr. Rahul established the Brainrakshak program, where a team of experienced paediatricians are trained in Epilepsy/Neurodisability to help find the right diagnosis. Dr. Rahul is a Member of British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA), PET Level-1 trainer, member of International Child Neurology Association, Fellow Member of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, London, and CCT – General Medical Council, UK. He is also the founder of Association of Child Brain Research and CDC solutions.
Working Tirelessly with Honesty & Transparency
Genius Lane’s multidisciplinary team consists of doctors who diagnose and give proper information about prognosis to parents. If the child comes in for a treatment program, we offer them unique treatment plan to address his/her specific needs. Genius Lane performs using its own developed tool I-BAC-DRV, which is based on UK curriculum of excellence. It gives deficiency in skills, behaviour profile and severity score. It also identifies parents who need more help, which helps Genius Lane provide individualised and holistic care. I-BAC-DRV comprehensive assessment comes with intervention based on assessment from pre-verbal, interaction-based skills, to emerging language and early literacy, and gives video home program through app. Based on the assessment report, the centre offers speech and language intervention.

The state-of-the-art Genius Lane aims to take these services to smaller cities in India and the world, where there is less awareness about these problems. It believes that it is a team effort, with Paediatrician playing a vital role in diagnosis and providing medical support. Often, children are given too much medicine, which can slow the progress of the child. But a trained Paediatrician can monitor that. All parents get video information of what their mindset and interaction with the child should be. They also have an auto audit to monitor the progress of every child under intervention. This helps to improve the system and also give accurate data of the success of the program. With such programs and process in place, Genius Lane aims to ensure that the child is free of disability. For example, in Autism, the main disability is with Anxiety and obsession behaviour. “If we focus on only speech, the child might start talking, but still not be fully integrated in the society. Our aim is to prevent unnecessary investigation and medication. We collect and analyse our data to make best practices and evidence so help can be provided to a lot of children,” explains Dr. Rahul

We collect and analyse our data to make best practices and evidence so help can be provided to a lot of children

Dr. Rahul, who works along with various Paediatricians across Uttar Pradesh to provide the best solutions to children, is currently working to develop the best practice in ‘non-progressive Neurological problems’. “This best practice can be replicated in the form of child development centres delivered by the use of technology. I hope that it will bring some of the children’s suffering from non-progressive Neurological problems to mainstream by early identification, clear diagnosis, prevention of over use of medication, and evidence-based early intervention program”. Currently treating children from Lucknow and referrals from PAN India, this Lucknow-based centre even conducts regular courses and workshops for parents, teachers and paediatricians to promote holistic welfare of the child. With such noble cause at the centre, Genius Lane is all set to make new marks in the coming years.