GarbhaGudi: Creating the Cosmic Womb Techno-Fertile Way

Dr. Asha S Vijay,Founder &Medical Director

Dr. Asha S Vijay

Founder &Medical Director

Battling with the mechanics of infertility, many couples abandon the hope of conceiving, which triggers the feelings of failure and unknowingly walk down the path of depression and stress. But thanks to modern science, identification and diagnosis of infertility factors are subject to technological treatments with incredible success rate. Yet in many cases, psychological phenomenon overhauls scientific formulas. Bestowing holistic infertility treatments since 2011, GarbhaGudi takes a quantum leap with its personalized approach of handling every infertile patient with utmost care, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. Aced with state-of-the-art infrastructure, it provides unparalleled services at affordable costs by amalgamating advanced scientific techniques, latest reproductive technology and complete counseling support.

Adducing psychological stress as the cause of all physical problems, Dr.Asha S Vijay, Founder & Medical Director, GarbhaGudi asserts, “We are offering ancient Indian wisdom in the technological field. Our team of counselors and doctors counsel the patients by suggesting yoga and
pranayama to cure their mental problems”. With such ethos in place, GarbhaGudi focuses on maintaining quality standards with respect to IVF labs, considering them as the heart where embryo grows and a new life is created. While the industry reports IVF success rate to only 40 percent, this centre is carving niche in the fertility sector by delivering IVF and IUI success rate of nearly 50-60 percent and treats patients for a holistic well being. Besides, it has four well-equipped centers spread across Bangalore vicinity to treat the patients at the closest locale possible.

GarbhaGudi takes a quantum leap with its personalized approach of handling every infertile patient with utmost care, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too

‘Relax &Conceive’ Approach
Known for its proven excellence in In Vitro Fertilization(IVF), GarbhaGudi offers a wide range of service portfolio, right from Intrauterine insemination(IUI)to laser hatching, oocyte freezing to semen freezing and stem cell therapy. Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy and surgeries are done in-house along with providing antenatal care ups for moms-to-be. Citing cancer as deteriorating catalyst in fertility, Dr. Asha adds, “A lot of cancer patients preserve their gametes before they go for radiotherapy and
chemotherapy because these therapies are very harmful to the gametes, eggs and sperms”. This personalized approach embedded within GarbhaGudi’s framework empowers its core team to mitigate patients’ quandaries such as inability to conceive naturally, low sperm count and dropping intimate relationships.

Since injecting the sperm into oocyte is a skillful procedure, it owns ultra-modern machinery in-house deploying which the chosen sperm is injected in the right ova for the fertilization procedure. While laser hatching helps embryo hatch inside the female genital, stem cell therapy is the most sought after treatment for severe male infertility, poor ovary aging and results in ovarian rejuvenation and regeneration. Despite the noise that infertility treatment is evolving into a proper business, GarbhaGudi is propelling its mission towards wiping out infertility with the current success rate of around 50-60 percent.

Running parallel to technological advancements, GarbhaGudi is now heading towards medical tourism to offer unique fertility services globally along with strengthening its roots in stem cell therapy and ovary regeneration so that couples prefer their owngametes instead of opting for donors. On the research side, in-house experts are further exploring boundaries of PolyCystic Ovaries & Ovarian Aging for delivering positive healthy results in the near future. Recording annual revenue growth of 80 percent last fiscal year, the center is investing in digital marketing to spread awareness among the masses and conducting free camps in may rural areas as a part of CSR ativities.