Freudian Counseling Centre: Feasible Psychological Solutions Post Detailed Analysis on Patients Difficulties

V. P. Chandran,Counseling Psychologist

V. P. Chandran

Counseling Psychologist

Spending 24 years in an organization abroad and later as a lecturer in the Psychology Department of a college in Thrissur, V. P. Chandran observed that people are living a dead life. Spotting people with various mental disorders, miseries, misfortunes, pain & frustration, disappointment, and helplessness in rural and urban areas, Chandran started Freudian Counseling Centre in Thrissur in 2013. Today as a qualified and trained Counseling Psychologist, he provides effective and lasting solutions via detailed psychological counseling and therapies. “By giving importance to every minute details and emphasizing on total recovery of patients mental condition, we try to redesign their minds, assuring of no relapse condition,” asserts V.P. Chandran, Counseling Psychologist, Freudian Counseling Centre.

Following a strict patient-psychologist relationship and utmost confidentiality, Freudian performs a detailed assessment and verification to understand the intensity of patients’ difficulty and provides an appropriate therapy such as psychoanalytic, Behavioral, Cognitive behavioral, and the most preferably, Person-centered therapy. The centre deals with all kinds of pathological conditions of patients like individual problems,
family problems, pre & post marital
problems, divorce & remarriage issues, and adolescence problems. Other issues include suicidal attempts, phobias, stress management, depression, anxiety disorder, low self-esteem issues, self confidence empowerment, paranoia, hypochondria, alcoholic /substance/internet addiction, guilt pangs, exam fear and so on.

To deliver proper and adequate psychological counseling, Freudian creates a patient friendly atmosphere by using props like music, aroma of flowers, and suitable pictures and properties while offering the therapies

Distinctive Psychological Treatment
Considering youth as the asset of the society, special care and attention is provided to deal with the disorders that arise from Identity crisis in adolescents. Freudian explains them on their endocrine system and hormonal conditions that affect their psychology. “We also teach patients to control their emotions using defense mechanism & various techniques and create a better picture to understand the self and their ego states,” says Chandran.

To deliver proper and adequate psychological counseling, Freudian creates a patient friendly atmosphere by using props like music, aroma of flowers, and suitable pictures and properties while offering the therapies. Also, for certain cases, relaxation
exercises, yoga therapy and monologues are implemented as a part of the treatment. The centre believes that technology in Psychotherapy should be used only after comprehending its validity, reliability and its impact on quality of the psychological process, hence takes the manual route to creating a bonding with its patients. Freudian is quite stringent when it comes to patients’ visit as it allows them only with a guardian or relative while single female counseling is strictly not allowed until the condition/reason permits to.

A Psychotherapy Center with a Heart
Unlike other centers that mints money from their patients, Freudian takes the humanitarian path and hence charges fees based on patients’ financial status. For the poor and needy, the clinic provides free treatment apart from ensuring adequate and possible support at the center. “The importance of life, especially human life, is a blessing to us from the Almighty. Provided with a good brain and sense organs, most of us fail to understand it and use it properly. The importance of joint family is important to get synergy among family members. Hence the study of the mind and the mental process is a must to everybody,” explains Chandran. who has actively conducted many orientation classes, group therapy, and psychological counseling at many institutions like Post Office, Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), and several Government bodies and schools for people to actively pursue mental well-being. Currently, the clinic is on its way to innovate new therapies to provide best psychology treatment and aims to eradicate mental disorders from the society by abiding to its values and ethical standards.