MG Packaging: Packaging Solutions that Meet Beyond its Basic Functions

Anand Kumar, Managing Director

Anand Kumar

Managing Director

Packaging and labelling are two important components of any brand building process. It not only enhances the appearance of the label for promoting the brand but is a major customer attention grabber. Playing a larger role than this, packaging is also used for information transmission. Hence choosing the right kind of packaging solution is as important as the product quality itself.

Going a step further and even hand holding the clients in choosing the right packaging, concept, design, and top of the draw quality packaging solutions at a fair price is MG Packaging Pvt.Ltd.'s forte(MGPPL). For this Puducherry based company, client centric packaging forms the fulcrum of its business, while the comprehensive range of packaging makes it a well rounded packaging company. From Shrink packaging, Shrink labels, Vacuum packaging, display packaging, flexible laminated pouches, e-Commerce packaging to blister packaging and several other specialty films, MGPPL has already served over 100 clients via its unmatched
solutions since its inception. The company’s end to end, innovative design and development expertise and such broad product portfolio lead to innovative, cost effective packaging solutions.

Grabbing the eyeballs and shelf life enhancement forms the core of our packaging mantra

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“Grabbing the eyeballs and shelf life enhancement forms the core of our packaging mantra,” asserts Anand Kumar, Director, MG Packaging. To accomplish this, the process starts with an elaborate discussion with the clients to understand their needs, based on which a prototype or a 3D model is developed to ensure that clients get the right packaging even before a full fledged commercial discussion is initiated. Once the quality is standardized, MGPPL fine tunes its products to fit the clients’ needs. What has kept the company at the cutting edge of the industry is its trait to constantly adapt itself to the changing packaging environment and updating its facilities in Daman and Puducherry.

MGPPL provides a range of packaging solutions for the food & beverages industry including vacuum packing pouches,aluminium foil pouches,centre sealed pouches, standup pouches,spout pouches,quad seal pouches,PVC shrink labels,PVC shrink pouches,PET shrink labels, BOPP over wrap Labels and many more.“We have recently started producing wide width films used in bulk packaging, at our state of the art manufacturing units,” adds Anand.

Embodying such profound features has enabled the company to grow its revenue at a whopping 25 percent last year. MGPPL now looks at remaining fluid in offering packaging solutions, while there is an emphasis on developing biodegradable packaging solutions. “We have been always looking at high mileage, high strength packaging products that not only saves money but also leaves a lesser carbon footprint as well,” concludes Anandkumar.