First Physio Clinic: Focusing on Long-term Wellbeing beyond Short term Pain Fixing

Augustine Joseph,BPT, PG Dip. Musculoskeletal Therapy

Augustine Joseph

BPT, PG Dip. Musculoskeletal Therapy

Our lifestyle calls for a major revisit to the many medical ailments. Due to the sluggish physical activities and poor posture that we follow, we are in a real bad soup of chronic pain. In 2018, WHO claimed that around 30 percent of the global adult population has been impacted by chronic pain, and a majority of it suffers from musculoskeletal disorders impacting joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves, along with back pain. Despite being one of the major and most common health issues, pain is something that is left unattended for long, turning it into chronic ailments. On the other hand the pain control drug market is growing rapidly majorly due to the increasing demand for drugs to treat chronic pain conditions of the head, lower back, shoulders, and pain during sports injuries. But the medical fraternity has reported the rising global healthcare threat due to drugs, and physiotherapy clinics are helping patients get rid of such chronic pain with much ease and at a much faster pace. One of the eminent names offering the best and advanced physiotherapy treatments by a skilled troop of therapists is First Physio Clinic based in Coimbatore.
The clinic was established in the year 2014, backed by 24 long year experience and expertise of Augustine Joseph. After completing his post graduation in physical therapy from Auckland and practicing for over a decade he founded First Physio Clinic with the intention of breaking the mould of standard practice."Physiotherapy is one of the major services we offer. Having Musculoskeletal, Sports and Geriatrics as the focus, our therapist works closely with patients to help them have relief from pain and gain a healthier lifestyle," says Augustine.

First Physio is a unique brand that uses Virtual Reality to gamify the exercises and make them enjoyable to patients

The Clinic follows a very stringent process wherein the personal therapy begins with a session with the senior consultant who will evaluate the patient's previous medical records and present functional limitations and areas of pain. He will design a treatment plan based on people's life styles and requirements. From there on the eminent team comprising of trained physiotherapists give personalised physio sessions and map out your journey to recovery.

The Clinic has been incorporating many effective techniques and educating people about their problems, how to go about them? How to manage the condition? And how to prevent in the future. Speaking of the services, Augustine mentions, "We do a thorough assessment in and out and spend almost one to two hours on the first day to document the whole history of the patient. We analyze everything from top to bottom to find the root cause of the problem. For instance, if a person complains of knee pain, the trigger need not necessarily be the knee. It could be from the ankle, back, or anything else. That's why we focus on complete assessment to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses both the most immediate symptoms(relieving the pain) and long term health and well being".

Augustine further adds,"Care is ensured to identify the triggering factors and specific strengthening exercise and routine is advised for prevention of future injuries. Our idea is not on relieving pain but making the patients attain their expected level of physical capacity. Increasing physical performance is the goal of our therapy in most cases. Also, we challenge ourselves in getting rid of 80 percent of the pain in one or two days".