FABscribe Transcription Services: Proffering High-Quality Medical Transcription Services with 99 Percent Accuracy & Unmatched TAT

Syed Liyaquat Ali,Director
Syed Liyaquat Ali, Director

Swift advancements in technology have moulded several industries and revamped the global economy and work nature of populace across the world. Similarly, medical transcription has changed significantly in the past few years, but one thing remains the same: quality and dependability of care for patients. That’s why choosing a reliable medical transcription service is a vital aspect of modern healthcare. Having a partner that can quickly transcribe a physician’s verbal dictations with the highest accuracy is a godsend to providers,insurers, and patients alike.

FABscribe Transcription Services(FTS) provides high-quality medical transcription services with over 99 percent accuracy and unmatched turnaround time.Its cost-effective services help clients including individual doctors,practitioners, and hospitals, to save considerable amount of time and money(up to60 percent). This2007 founded company has earned itself a quality name in the transcription service industry by working closely with domestic and international clients(US and Canada). “Our fast TAT is possible
due to an almost 10-12-hour timezone difference between India and North America. The client comes in the morning and has all the previous day’s reports ready for EMR upload/printing between 8 & 10 A.M.,”professes Syed Liyaquat Ali, Proprietor, FABscribe Transcription Services.

"FTS deploys two-tier system of quality checks where each report passes through stages of proofreading and editing"

Commitment to grant promised turnaround time and high-accuracy, FTS deploys two-tier system of quality checks where each report passes through stages of proofreading and editing. On the other hand,its team of experts(comprising of editors& transcriptionists) regularly cross verify with medical dictionaries and relevant text, and if there is any doubt regarding what is dictated, the report is directly transmitted to a senior editor wherein he/she determines the missed part or inspect with the client about the same. This is done to render error-free report and quick transcription services.

What makes FTS stand out in the industry is its distinct 7-days no-obligation free trial transcription services. Alongside, this industry-agnostic venture assists & guides customers with diverse adoption of technologies such as recommending good electronic health records,thereby equipping them with all recent trends, and making transition easy of them, and keepingthem ahead of their competitors. This unique amalgamation of experience and
expertise enables FTS to grasp quick understanding of its client’s requirements and serve them best.

Highly Certified Workforce
FTS employs the creme de la creme of transcriptionists & editors (having 15+ years of experience) of the industry. Team FTS uses various resources such as Stedman’s online medical dictionaries, online lab data, drug dictionaries and sites like FDA and JCAHO in order to ensure zero-error delivery. Inspite of their experience, new joinees are initially put under editors to make them understand client specifics & requirements and ensure they are thorough with medical terminology & AMT guidelines. FTS organizes several training programs focusing on medical language relevant to the transcriptionists as well as developing excellent proofreading skills. “We are very careful about whom we induct in our team. The individual needs to be extraordinarily good in medical terminology and understanding diverse accents,” adds Syed.

This Faridabad-based firm serves some big giants like Hamilton Health Associates,CT Neurology, Mahogany Oral Surgery, Rafael Arredondo, M.D and others. Experiencing a whopping annual revenue growth of 5-10 percent, FTS envisions converting its services into voice recognition technologies but with final review from its editors. “We believe that healthcare providers should not have to spend a fortune on their transcriptions and thus, they are benefitted from our skilled workforce and low cost services,” concludes Syed.