Ezy Mov: Mobility Simplified!

With the rise in the country's population, there has been a continuing rise in the number of senior citizens and healtcare complications arising out of it. Even though healthcare is one of the largest sectors of the country and is expected to reach $372 billion by 2020, the space is still cluttered with numerous challenges. Furthermore, the growing healthcare burden has now led to the need for adequate and quick medical transportation services. Healthcare facilities are of utmost important for the people of the old age. Aging and lingering ailments makes a person out of sorts and dependent on other members of the family. The inability to move and lead a normal life has left many senior citizen feel weary, dejected and without hope. It is the duty of us as a nation to stand up and thrust the healthcare sector to devise apparatus that support the mobility of the senior patients and add live to their despairing condition. One company that is easing elderly people's healthcare woes and mobilising transport services in the domain is Mumbai-based Ezy Mov. "We believe our service is the best mode of travel for senior citizens with limited mobility and people with various disabilities. In a critical scenario, the ambulance serves best but in case of a discharge, when the patient is okey to sit and travel there is no need to shove him in an ambulance and force him to sleep and travel without dignity, our WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) suits best in such a scenario," says, Romeo Ravva ,Founder & CTO, Ezy Mov.

Ezy Mov is India's first wheelchair accessible taxi service and dignified mode of travel for people with limited mobility. All the cars at the company are retrofitted with Hydraulic wheelchair lift, wheelchair restraint system and are driven by trained & sensitized drivers. "We have a fleet of vehicles installed with top notch mobility equipment to provide seamless service to the differently abled,
elderly, obese and people with mobility issues. All our drivers are thoroughly filtered before they are hired. We use traditional methods to get the background verification. The services can be availed for short trips, long duration and also for interstate travel. In addition to this, we are also now working on a mobile app to make the whole process smoother and more efficient," he adds.

Rrajesh Patil, Managing Director & COO,Romeo Ravva, CTO, Bennet D 'Cunha, CEO
Team Ezy Mov

With its on-time prompt services, sensitized drivers, transparent pricing and digital transactions, the enterprise has come a long way in the market is making a major breakthrough in the healthcare domain with its unique solutions. For its quality and top of level services, the company has earned a number of accolades including Nipman and Microsoft Equal Opportunity Award-2017, NCPEDP 2018 and Prawaas Awards 2019.

India's first wheelchair accessible taxi service and dignified mode of travel for people with limited mobility, Ezy Mov is making it possible to `travel with dignity'

Since its inception in 2015, Ezy Mov has grown over 300 per cent and now has a customer base of 3000+. It is now working on transport solutions for masses from the lower income group and is growing on both fronts, the taxi service and mobility aids business. "We have tied up with leading healthcare service providers and Leisure tourism companies for providing accessible travel and stay. Our mission is to provide utmost safe and reliable accessible transport service and we are working towards an inclusive society and creating an Equal World!"