Excellentiam Hospitality and Healthcare: Mapping Medical Tourists to Doctors to Escape Unethical Medical Exploitation

Anjan Majumdar,Co-Founder & CEO
Anjan Majumdar,CEO & Co-Founder

Although India is increasingly seen as the favoured destination of medical tourists, due to lack of national regulatory body for this industry and language problems,the industry grieves from scams. In fact,Dr.Isaac Adewole (Health Minister, Nigeria)said medical tourism to India is a racket.The country’s medical tourism practices are riddled with rampant profit organizations (especially private hospitals) whose fly-by-night gatekeepers poach patients directly from the airports or their native country, and financially exploit them.

Enabling medical tourists to evade all such medical exploitations, Anjan Majumdar(CEO & Co-Founder),created Excellentiam Hospitality and Healthcare as a one-of-its-kind medical tourism company that involves no third party. It puts patient’s interest at the forefront and offers them direct access to the doctors. “We act as an extended arm of the patient, not of any medical centre, and represent only the patient. We map doctors, not the medical centres,” says Anjan.

This compliance-oriented company largely focuses on infertility, cardiac problems,cancer(stage one & two), orthopaedic, and general alignments
diabetics,neurology,kidney & liver related problems, amongst others). The treatments are carried out at medical centres in Chennai, Vellore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata.

" We act as an extended arm of the patient, not of any medical centre, and represent only the patient"

Encircling Entire Healthcare Journey
Excellentiam sketches the patient’s entire healthcare journey right from their native country to sending them back with a happy mind. The journey begins with studying patient’s medical history, which is then mapped with doctors via a strong IT software. Data like treatments, costs, and doctor’s credentials are shared with the patients, endowing them to take effective medical decision according to their financial stability post a video call with few consultants. The patient is then assigned respective person who manoeuvres the entire process(from visa in origin country, airport pick up, OPD treatment, hospitalization, and surgical support to post-treatment) in India.

In complex cases, Excellentiam even accompanies the patient in the flight, and an ambulance at the airport to take the patient to the hospital. Ensuring that patients receive optimal treatment, the company also offers second & third opinion service to them. To streamline the journey, Excellentiam has partnered with almost 250 hotels across India, along with transportation, pathological, & diagnostic vendors, wherein tourists directly pay the provider, thereby eliminating the question of financial exploitation. If
Excellentian finds that the quality treatment can be offered at their native country or survival is not going be a possibility(like stage-4 cancer), it facilitates them to the local doctors.“We have got doctors in every country & we map such patients to the local doctors,” adds Anjan.

For preventive healthcare, Excellentiam facilitates patients for consultations, opinion services, and lifestyle alteration amongst many other services. Enabling patients to achieve mindfulness, besides bestowing them with traditional Ayurvedic stream of medicines or alternative medicines through yoga, meditation or naturopathy, Excellentiam also offers sightseeing tour of beautiful & historical places for its clients. Besides medical tourism, Excellentiam also offers medical and non-medical personal care services for the aged in Kolkata and aiming to service 500 families in Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Kochi in coming 3 years in the eldercare space.

Illustrious GrowthTrajectory
Incepted in 2016 September, the company has served 350 medical tourists each year, and targets catering 500 this year.Excellentiam looks at taking this number to 5000 in the next couple of years from six countries(Bangladesh, Afganistan, Nepal,Bhutan, SriLanka and Myanmar) through its offices in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Dhaka,and Katmandu. The company also operates in Kabul through its franchises, and is envisioning opening branches in other countries this year. Excellentiam is also aiming to launch healthcare programme(lifestyle)for corporate people by 2019.