Euphonic Yoga: Reviving Ancestral Roots for a Healthy living

Shruti ChaturLal &  Suman Kanawat Singh,Co-FoundersTwo experts, Shruti ChaturLal Shaand Suman Kanawat Singh banded together to bring back to life our long forgotten ancestral roots in the form of Euphonic Yoga. They endeavoured to create a natural and holistic approach by putting together the guiding principles of the Indian culture, intending to help people restore harmony with their inner self, and lead a peaceful & salubrious life. Their manoeuvre of incorporating and fortifying the concept of Pranic waves (vital life forces) is a peerless feat in itself. Amalgamating the intrinsic ethos of yoga, music and dance is yet another enrapturing feature of this venture. Through these special methods, the organization grails to assist individuals perceive their heart of hearts. “We came-up with the idea to mould a yoga institute that bespoke of our ancestral roots. Our actual motive was to create an ambience where people would not only attain health, but unearth their inner person,” says Shruti, Co-Founder, Curator & Conceptualizer, Euphonic Yoga.

The concept observes a very unique way of functioning. It is not confined to any specific or demarcated line of work. In fact, it settles its plan of actions depending on the needs
and requirements of its clients. The services it provides can section-off as performances, group and private services. And under these categories, it organizes special sessions like corporate & Skype callings, get-togethers, kids, individual and family session. In these set of programmes, Euphonic Yoga integrates the essence of classical dance, classical music and the ascetic disciplines of yoga. These programmes are fashioned using ‘raagas’ and ‘yogasanas’ which are yoked with Indian dance technicalities. These keep-fit sessions help people pull the plug on stress and maintain a robust lifestyle. “We change the nature and style of our offerings according to the demands of our clients. We confer our services to small as well as huge group. Apart from yoga, we also conduct learning and development techniques and deep meditation to avail our client’s good health,” avers Shruti.

Euphonic Yoga is promoting a flamboyant physical and mental training regime in the fitness and wellness industry

The entire setup is administered by Shruti who has in her possession a musical lineage. Suman on the other hand is a skilled yoga Choreographer. Musicians, dancers and yoga experts form the team of Euphonic Yoga. However, the institute hires artisans based on its stipulations and projects. It serves as a platform to all the artists who wish to project their skill and talent through their individual piece of works. To which Suman adds, “Our flexible working model has enabled us to keep alive the freshness and creativity. Whether a national or international project, we frame our team considering the requirements”.

In the short run, Euphonic Yoga aspires to become a well known and acknowledged institution. For which, it is setting-up centres and studios in almost every city of the country. It is currently sketching-out strategies to build its online presence, through which it aims to impart yoga, dance and music lessons.

To put it briefly, Euphonic Yoga is promoting a flamboyant physical and mental training regime in the fitness and wellness industry. It has brought humans close to the ancient Indian culture, basically to put some zest and spark in everyone’s life.