Epione: Catering Advanced Regenerative Pain-Relief Therapies

Dr. Sudheer Dara, DirectorPain is an adverse postoperative outcome that requires effective pain management in the form of medications. The growth of the global pain management drugs and devices market is majorly due to the well established business of painkiller medications as the first line of treatment. Founded in 2018 by Dr. Sudheer Dara, a pioneer in pain medicine, Epione Center for Pain Management & Beyond boasts state of the art architecture & cutting edge medical tech in treating pain patients. Epione is one of a kind pain management center in Hyderabad, which takes a multimodal & holistic approach to treat pain conditions.

Along with new cuttingedge medical technologies and a dedicated and efficient team of experienced doctors and specialists in pain management, Epione has become one stop relief and treatment solution for diverse kinds of pains caused by serious health conditions. Under one roof, Epione promises to deliver a plethora of multidisciplinary excellent pain management services from the professional orthopaedists, neurologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and rehab experts. With patients being the first and the foremost priority, the key objective of Epione is to follow a comprehensive, holistic multimodal approach to treat various types of pain conditions.

"Our pain management program is for all patients with chronic pain of all age groups. A few examples are sciatica pain, cervical
spondylosis,neuralgias, trigeminal neuralgia, cancer pain, knee pain due to osteoarthritis, headaches mostly migraines and postsurgery pain. Additionally, patient is heard patiently and adequate time is given so as to understand all the problems and the associated consequences," said Dr Sudheer Dara, Director, Epione Centre.

Epione Center for Pain Management & Beyond boasts state of the art architecture & cutting-edge medical tech in treating pain patients

Multidisciplinary Pain Management Program
Epione's multidisciplinary team helps take a multi modal approach in treating a wide gamut of pain conditions. As every patient is unique so are their pain conditions. The company's pain management programs are customized to the individual needs of every patient. It concentrates on appropriate use of drugs in proper dosing, interventions when required, addressing the psychological aspects of the patients and also helps in functional activities by providing behavioral therapy, and occupational therapy to assist patients with maximum benefit. Therefore right from the moment, one step into the center to the time one becomes completely painfree; Epiome's pain management programs cooperate with patient at every step of the way. The company believes in & follows holistic, comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to treating pain conditions.

Furthermore, to enable personalized pain management programs to patients, Epione applies different methodologies and measures. The company provides a non-surgical approach to all kinds of chronic pain by methods like radio frequency ablation, nerve root blocks, regenerative therapy(platelet rich plasma therapy), botox injections, and trigger point injections. All the procedures done in Epione's clinic are under image guidance that is under fluoroscopic guidance or ultrasound guidance or CT-Scan guidance to avoid complications. Proper explanation of the procedure to the patient and the attendant is given and informed consent is taken. Besides, the company's pain management center is fully equipped to handle all kinds of complications if any.

As a center of pain relief and beyond, Epione is a multidisciplinary center dealing with chronic pain. The company provides services in many corporate hospitals like Yashoda group of hospitals, Sunshine hospitals, Care hospitals and many more. More so in future, the company is planning to open Epione franchise acrossthe country and overseas. Basically, Epione's aim is to create awareness about chronic pain in society along with treating and curing such patients and help them to find a new way and lead a healthy and happy life.