EPHY Healthcare Solutions: Optimizing Cash Flows & Improving Healthcare Bottom-Lines

Devarajan Chengalvarayan,  Founder & CEO

Devarajan Chengalvarayan, Founder & CEO

Over the last few years, healthcare providers across the globe and especially in the US have been faced with tumultuous times owing to various financial constraints. While collections have become a major challenge, the ever evolving regulatory landscape, intense market competition, presence of diverse systems & medical practices and dearth of qualified professionals to tackle non-core functions have only added to their woes. Tackling these challenges head on is EPHY Healthcare Solutions Inc.,a provider of healthcare management services to hospitals, clinics and private practitioners across the US.

Spearheaded by the dynamic Devarajan Chengalvarayan, Founder & CEO, EPHY is committed to aid manage revenues better while sustaining healthier margins. Fondly referred to as Dev, the industry veteran has leveraged his 23 years of expansive experience across various domains in the healthcaresector to sculpt an organization that has secured its position on top of the offshore healthcare outsourcing segment. Looking beyond solely making financial gains, Dev focuses on understanding clients’ challenges proactively and solving them before any major damage is done. Maintaining high levels of productivity and adherence to standards, EPHY is setting industry
standards, EPHY is setting industry benchmarks in delivering quality services through cutting edge technologies, its team’s in-depth industry knowledge and a solid work ethic to aid clients in managing their revenues better.

Improving Bottom Lines
Headquartered in Broadway, New York, EPHY specializes in improving revenues by streamlining the front and backend processes through its enhanced RCM capabilities. “Right from when a patient visits the healthcare facility, we come into the picture. Be it making patient charts, front office services, coding, billing, collection from insurance companies or follow up on payments, we do it all,” explains Dev. Having developed end-to-end capabilities, the firm specializes in medical coding, medical billing, EMR implementation support and payment reconciliation and credit balance audit services.

"Working towards the best interest of clients, team EPHY proactively suggests the best code to be used in order to better reimbursement and gain higher revenue percentage"

The seed of the organization being sown in 2013, EPHY has developed expertise in comprehensive billing over the past five years. While the team handles patient registration, charge capture, claims submission, payment processing, denial posting and refund processing with élan, Dev has endeavoured to extend RCM solutions by adding healthcare credit balance solutions to the firm’s expansive roster of services. The EPHY team laboriously analyses each claim, identifies potential opportunities for cash, posts refunds and makes account level corrections to consistently maintain the overall integrity of client’s revenue cycle. Clients thus receive the advantage of optimized cash flows and
minimized healthcare costs, which ultimately improve the bottom-line.

Having put together a stellar team of AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) certified coders, the HIPAA complaint organization offers quality coding services across all specialties. The team verifies patient’s medical charts/records and provides appropriate ICD & HCPCS codes with quality outcomes. Working towards the best interest of clients, team EPHY proactively suggests the best code to be used in order to better reimbursement and gain higher revenue percentage.

Maintaining Quality Deliverables
Aimed at strengthening smaller healthcare practices, EPHY first assesses a client’s financial status, performs in-depth risk analysis function for new practices and then gives them a clear picture of how to run the practice. “We also provide them with a management software through which we study the practice, perform an analysis and then render them help in any field,” explains Dev. An internal MIS system is used to track employee productivity.

Working on a unique collection model, EPHY maintains that they will get paid only when a client gets paid. Other than harbouring trust in the eyes of clients, the model also motivates employees to gain responsibility towards work. The talented EPHY team stays on its toes and is always updated with the latest industry knowledge. Other than under going periodic training and assessment, the team also maintains the highest standards of security. Dev is currently working towards integrating EPHY’s internal productivity tool with its practice management systems so that all the information can be provided through a single platform.