EMEDIX: Making Healthcare Accessible in Rural Landscape & Smaller Cities

Shiraz Imam, CEO & Co-Founder, Danish Ashraf, COO & Co-Founder ,Syed Ismail Khurram, Director & Basant Jha, Director

Shiraz Imam, CEO & Co-Founder, Danish Ashraf, COO & Co-Founder

Syed Ismail Khurram, Director & Basant Jha, Director

The size of business expansion in India’s rural hinterlands & tier 2 & 3 cities seems to grow faster than ever. As the rural market opportunity becomes more attractive, companies are experimenting with different go-to market models with varying degrees of success. And one such evolving space is the ‘Online Pharmacy’ segment of the healthcare sector. Today, with the growing population and changing lifestyles, rising burden of various health hazards has become a key challenge. Though urban part of India has diversified a lot into pharma retailing business still people living in the remotest village are forced to travel to nearby towns to access health care services. Thus, providing easy availability of quality medicines to even the remotest part of the country has surfaced as a benchmark for the health. Noticing this soaring demand of technology & immense needs of improvement in healthcare division many companies have emerged in the e-Pharmacy space to help the
rural people by making them informed & empowered and make services avail in their doorsteps.

EMEDIX wants to carve a niche in the online pharmacy domain by being an ardent supplier of various medicines & products

Carving a Niche in the Online Pharmacy Space
Patna based EMEDIX ideally fits into the picture. Established in 2016 as an online pharmaceutical company that sights to offer an excellent delivery & flexible payment mechanism, EMEDIX captivates itself as a medical store that delivers medicinal products by providing even an e-copy of the prescription. Explicating on the inception story Shiraz Imam, CEO & Co-Founder, EMEDIX speaks, “Major companies in the pharmaceutical segment mostly target the metro cities because of the high density of population. But smaller regions lag behind in easy availability. Moreover, the medicines for chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney, cancer, and others are hard to get. Noticing all the ill effects, EMEDIX came into existence to bridge the gap & help the rural population & hospitals out.” Envisaging providing healthcare services under one umbrella, the company offers meds primarily for senior citizens & women. Apart from meds, it also provides products in 11 categories that are designed to suit the
patient’s needs.

Targeting to reach the rural parts of India & local retailers, EMEDIX uses its own proprietary model, Logistic Channel Partner(LCP). This process helps the medicines to reach safely to the respective location without getting expired, harmed or damaged. “Currently, focused more on the medicinal category we want to operate a new wing on the Optometry segment by opening a division for online lenses, frames, home based services of lab test & more. Moreover, we follow a three step process to ensure 100 percent genuine product delivery,” avers Danish Ashraf, COO, EMEDIX.

Extending its Opportunities across tier cities & Rural Parts
Headquartered in Patna with offices in Jamshedpur, Darbhanga & Gaya, the company today has 12 dedicated employees along with several agents. Having tied up with the smaller nursing home that doesn’t have their own pharmacy, EMEDIX has a wholesale unit for them and caters the patients with individual med needs. Being an enabler of algorithm method that automatically informs the patient about the order delivery aspect, the company has a standard operating IT mechanism. We have been covered in one of the country’s leading newspapers ‘Telegraph’ about its extraordinary platform, the company wants to expand its base across the country. Elaborating on the same, Imam concludes, “We want to be a franchisor and cover the entire part of India. We have expanded to Jharkhand with our franchise in Jamshedpur and are planning to offer our franchise opportunities in other tier 2 & 3 cities.”