Embiosys Diagnostics & Molecular Research: Imparting Quality-Based, Time-Bound & Affordable Diagnostics Services under One Roof

Dr. Sankar J,Director - Technical

Dr. Sankar J

Director - Technical

It’s an undeniable fact that fast & accurate diagnosis could mean the difference between life and death. But in a city like Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, it’s a herculean task for people to get hold of their diagnostic reports on time, as entire diagnostic services are scattered in different labs across the city. When it comes to quality & affordability, people have to travel other big cities which cause further delay in their treatment resulting in advancement of the disease apart from costing them heavily.

Known as the fastest growing diagnostic center in Guntur, EMBIOSYS DIAGNOSTICS & Molecular Research perfectly launches into this predicament and strives hard to save time, efforts and money of patients by offering all diagnostic services under one roof and reports for investigations (including special parameters) within three hours. The company showcases an excellent team of experts (consultant clinical pathologist, biochemist, microbiologist, clinical associates and technologist) with over 20 years of experience along with one of the best diagnostic-center infrastructure with world-class patient services and a state-of-the-art laboratory (equipped with high end instruments). “EMBIOSYS was initiated with a vision to render high quality & affordable diagnostic services in minimum time frame to the populace of Guntur & nearby areas,” professes Mr. Sankar J, Director Technical, EMBIOSYS DIAGNOSTICS & Molecular Research.

Embiosys Diagnostics Team

Patient Centric Services

This 2014 founded centre performs wide range of diagnostic services including routine, rare parameters, normal assays, infectious panels, tumor markers and molecular diagnosis such as viral load, genotyping, SNP identifications and gene poly morphism studies. Believing in quality, standard and good results, EMBIOSYS not just employees advanced & new generation equipments like automated Abott Architech, Biomerieux Vidas, Siemens Centaur, and Real time PCR to carry out aforementioned tests, but also assess performance at all steps of the testing cycle from pre analytical, analytical to post analytical phase. While most centers lack in identifying the exact result for Biotin intake patients, this tech-driven company has deployed dedicated Abbott architect machine to proffer actual & exact result for Biotin medicated patients. Till date, the company has freed 2460 Biotin medicated patients from thyroid who were wrongly diagnosed previously.

The firm that performs continuous evaluation process & techniques to detect, reduce & correct deficiencies in the analytic process manages a specialized team who deeply interprets reports, coordinate with concerned specialty doctor & clinician in case of abnormal report and politely convey the conclusion to patients. With these to its advantage, EMBIOSYS is capable of nabbing the right quality standards and meticulous results for providing the best diagnostic solutions (accurate values for point care investigations and routine tests) to both patients and practitioners while eliminating errors.

K.Dinakar Prasad, Director for Administration, shares, “To ensure quality, this ISO-certified company has associated with Wayne State
University, Detroit, Department of Surgery and Oncology and other various local authorities and is in process of obtaining NABL accreditation”. Alongside diagnostic services, EMBIOSYS also furnishes research work for development of Monoclonal based anti cancerous drugs where in support is given to many

K.Dinakar Prasad, Director - Administration

research scholars in their research area by providing routine & rare appropriate diagnostics services including genetic study using real time PCR.

We have good counselors who render very clear & maximum information to patients as well as their attendees

Overcoming Barriers

In today’s Google driven world, people themselves draw a conclusion for their medical condition based on information available over internet. This in-turn causes huge problem for medical stakeholders where they find great difficulty in changing the mindset of patients. Overcoming this barrier, EMBIOSYS first make patients comfortable by giving them short counselling prior to investigation. These counselling sessions are mainly conducted by concerned doctors who ask various questions related to patient’s medical condition in order to educate them about their disease. “We have good counselors who render very clear & maximum information to patients as well as their attendees. Even though patient come with well information, while counselling we try to change their perspective regarding the disease and prevent them from performing unnecessary tests. Our aim is not to earn money but we intend to share qualified services along with quality report,” adds Dr. Siva Prabodh MD, Cosultant Biochemist.

"EMBIOSYS furnishes research work for development of Monoclonal based anticancerous drugs, where in
support is given to many research scholars in their research area by providing routine& rare appropriate diagnostics services"

As a patient centric diagnostic centre, EMBIOSYS keeps updating its counselors, doctors, technicians and other staff with recent industry trends via frequent internal training programs, workshops, and seminars. Not only this, on regular basis, company intends every employee to undergo different training programs and even appoints third party technical person to give information about different clinical conditions and hands on training on their latest advancement, particularly in technologies. BKR Chowdary, Director Operations, avers, “We strive to educate our entire team as much as possible because we are running a laboratory and providing the first hand information. Whether it is going to help patient or not but our service should not affect them in negative way under any circumstances, this is our objective & goal”.

PVS Chowdary, Director - Marketing

PVS Chowdary, Director Marketing, adds, “EMBIOSYS is planning to educate the public about the importance of diagnostics services not only for curing a disease but also as a preventive measure”. By establishing strong name in the diagnostic industry within just five years of its inception, EMBIOSYS is soon going to launch its monoclonal-based drug for cancer and looking forward to achieve more financial heights(from 16 percent revenue growth during last financial) by providing best quality services to populace.

Key Management:

Sankar J, Director Technical

Having done Masters in Biotechnology from India’s prestigious university Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Sankar is the former Director for Institute of Biological sciences. He has worked on various areas of Molecular Biology aspects like cloning, expressions, and also trained under the core areas of Animal cell culturing.


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