Element H: The Cynosure of Psychotherapy, Treating Patients the Personalized Way

Dr.Sandhya Rani Ramadass, Marine Psychologist,Dr. Keerthi Pai, Clinical Psychologist

Dr.Sandhya Rani Ramadass, Marine Psychologist

Dr. Keerthi Pai, Clinical Psychologist

The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma. This analysis by Judith Lewis Herman, back in 90s, signifies the uncanny alterations of consciousness that patients suffering from mental disorders go through. In many cases, however, transfusion of clinical functionalism with psychotherapeutic treatment holds together patient’s consciousness and emotions, thus assuring mental balance. Congregating clinical expertise with vast psychology experience, Element H accurately identifies all the alphas and omegas of mental illness and delivers one-stop solution for holistic development.

Headed by Dr. Sandhya Rani Ramadass (Marine Psychologist) & Dr. Keerthi Pai (Clinical Psychologist), Element H is known for its multi-specialization approach wherein the network of psychologists with different backgrounds integrates their knowledge to work together as one team. The clinic provides psychological support, training, assessments and one-to-one therapy sessions to individuals, merchant navy, schools, corporates and hospitals. Besides psychotherapy services, it produces a talent pool of interns
each year who excel in research projects and placements.

When many force treatments to stock their pockets, Element H accords its patients the freedom to choose & move between specializations suiting their treatment. However, this choice is restricted to psychiatric cases that require stringent procedural following under expert supervision. With this customer-centric approach, the clinic has carved a niche and trust among populace.

Element H accords its patients the freedom to choose & move between specializations suiting their treatment

Personalized, Precise, Perceptive
Under its array of services, Element H excel in providing psychometric assessments, situational tests and employee assessment programmes for corporate recruitments, selection, screening, promotions and leadership evaluation of all management levels. Developing niche testing tools through R&D, it is the only clinic in Chennai to offer psychometric assessment service for seafarers, a mandatory assessment for those joining merchant navy. Dr. Sandhya adds, “Since five years, we are offering these services with no complaints and complete satisfaction as our tests notify accurate information about their employees and helps in on-boarding right person”.

Provided that academic issues and bullying often causes schooling stress, Element H’s psychologists plan student oriented remedies to help them curb mental disorders and learning disabilities through IQ assessments and extra school at
time. Since patients who approach the clinic personally exemplify shocking reactions when diagnosed with mental instability, in-house experts explain the problem, symptoms and solution in detail and help them in healing through self-awareness, assessment and relationship management. Besides, patients referred by other psychiatrists & hospitals are given supporting therapy specific to their illness.

A Team of Trust
Leveraging Clinical Psychology Association’s journals for upskilling and improvising through reliable, latest tests, Element H deploys ethical code of conduct and international gold standard tests with Indian norms for psychotherapeutic treatments. Dr. Keerthi & Dr. Sandhya, member of IACP, BPS and IAAP respectively, conducts intensive training workshops in-house and practices research based tests for upgradation. The clinic is in the process of developing psychometric assessments for online platforms and investing in IT methodology. Additionally, speakers from across the industry are invited in-house for counselor training and supervision.

Etching ‘client confidentiality, freedom and expert practice’ in its framework, Element H caters to prestigious clients including Synergy Maritime, Sea Team, India Cements, Sanmar Shipping etc and delivers wellness programs in Apollo Hospitals, Memory Clinic and many more. The clinic organizes awareness campaign every summer to spread awareness on mental health and WHO initiated topics. Headquartered in Chennai with national (Mumbai, Bangalore, & Cochin) & international presence, Element H envisions becoming top-tier psychotherapy clinic with a strong reliable network working with and for the people, hence investing in the right workforce.