Dr. Tinku Joseph: Innovating Interventional Pulmonology Excellence, Cultivating Compassion

Dr. Tinku Joseph, Professor & Head-Interventional Pulmonology

Dr. Tinku Joseph

Professor & Head-Interventional Pulmonology

In the intricate landscape of medical specialties, Pulmonology emerges as a linchpin devoted to the field of respiratory health. The significance of this field cannot be overstated; yet, India has grappled with a notable scarcity of specialized Pulmonology Centers, leaving a void in the comprehensive care of respiratory disorders.

In addressing this crucial gap, Dr. Tinku Joseph, a distinguished Pulmonologist with over 14 years of experience, has played a transformative role. His journey reflects a commitment to not just treating respiratory ailments but also preparing the future generation to provide Pulmonology care in India. From pioneering innovative procedures to establishing advanced care units, Dr. Tinku's impact reverberates beyond clinical practice, positioning him as one of the best interventional pulmonologist in India.

Educational & Professional Background

Dr. Tinku's academic journey started after completion of his MBBS in 2009. Further he pursued MD in Pulmonary Medicine, followed by a DM in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. His quest for excellence prompted him to under take a one-year fellowship in interventional Pulmonology from Serdang Hospital, Malaysia.

Armed with this extensive education, Dr. Tinku took a bold step by establishing India's first dedicated Interventional Pulmonology Center in 2017 at Amrita Hospital in Kochi, Kerala.

The year 2018 marked another significant milestone in his career with the initiation of India's first Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Program. This program was designed not only to provide advanced training in performing complex bronchoscopic airway procedures, but also to shape the next generation of Pulmonologists. Dr. Tinku's impact extends beyond his clinical practice, as he has trained over 30 doctors, emphasizing the importance of spreading knowledge and expertise.

Over the past seven years, Dr. Tinku has pushed the boundaries of medical innovation. From conducting the world's first transbronchial lung cryobiopsy in infants to introducing India's first biodegradable airway stenting procedure for bronchial stenosis repair in children, his contributions have been groundbreaking. Additionally, he has successfully completed more than 1500 rigid bronchoscopic airway procedures and he is the first and only Indian Doctor to receive the best innovative procedure award from world association of Bronchology & Interventional pulmonology (WABIP) till date.

Passion for Advancement & Global Training

Dr. Tinku's passion for advancing medical procedures led him to travel from India to Malaysia for specialized training. A thought-provoking question from his mentor about being trained abroad rather than in India
sparked a transformative decision. He returned to India to establish training programs, reshaping a landscape where initially only three centers performed these intricate procedures. Now, there are over 50 centers, with many being run by his trainees. Dr. Tinku's work towards spreading knowledge has transformed the accessibility of complex procedures across India, aiming to reach every corner of the nation and be accessible to the poor.

Minimally Invasive Procedures & Patient Centric Approach

Specializing in minimally invasive procedures using a rigid bronchoscope, Dr.Tinku's approach is centered on a day-care or short hospital stays. These procedures not only prove to be cost-effective but also significantly reduce patient discomfort compared to open surgeries. His center focuses on diverse aspects, including resecting tumors & benign lesions involving both adult & paediatric patients, management of post intubation & post TB, COVID airway stenosis, airway stenting to maintain patency of the trachea & bronchus affected by cancer, invasive infections & side effects of radiotherapy. He also performs minimally invasive bronchoscopic procedures in order to diagnose Interstitial lung disease & lung cancer at an early stage.

Patient satisfaction, compassion, & quality remain at the forefront of our approach

One of the most satisfying aspects of Dr. Tinku's practice is the removal of aspirated foreign bodies from pediatric airways. “The joy expressed by patients' relatives, particularly parents, after successfully treating a child adds a profound layer of satisfaction to my work. This emotional connection motivates me to continually advance in the field", expresses Dr. Tinku.

Compassion & Quality over Quantity

Reflecting on his journey, Dr. Tinku emphasizes the crucial lesson of compassion in patient care. The transition from a small practice to a successful career highlighted the significance of being not only a skilled doctor but also a good human being. Spending quality time with each patient, particularly during initial visits, has proven instrumental in patient satisfaction and positive referrals.

Dr. Tinku's concern for patient well-being extends beyond medical procedures. Recognizing the financial difficulties some patients face, his hospital provides support services for those in need. While not all procedures are done free of cost, significant contributions are made from charity services for deserving cases. The goal is to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder access to quality healthcare.

Vision for Excellence & Global Impact

Going forward, Dr. Tinku envisions establishing his center as one of the topmost globally, transcending its current status as one of the best in world. This involves continuous improvements in service quality, innovative training programs, and the establishment of an Interventional Pulmonology simulation center in 2024. His plan extends to training individuals from remote areas, ensuring accessibility to knowledge, and offering free training to those facing financial challenges.

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, Dr. Tinku aspires to contribute to the global advancement of Pulmonology. His vision includes breaking down barriers to access complex airway procedures worldwide. As part of his future endeavors, he aims to innovate and develop new technologies within his specialty, further contributing to the evolution of Pulmonology.

Dr. Tinku Joseph's journey stands as a testament to the transformative impact of passion, innovation, and compassion. His contribution to advancing healthcare in India and globally positions him as a leader in the field, shaping the future of Pulmonology for generations to come.