Dr. Tahera Khaledi: Unveiling the Healing Power of Nature

Dr. Tahera Khaledi,FounderIn today’s fast-paced world, where instant results are often sought after, individuals facing fertility challenges can find themselves caught in a whirlwind of invasive treatments without considering natural alternatives. Dr. Tahera Khaledi, a Holistic Healing Therapist specializing in gynecology and obstetrics, unveils her distinctive approach to fertility issues, underscoring the profound healing influence of Mother Earth.

Academic Pursuits & Inspirational Journey
Dr. Tahera's journey commenced in physiotherapy, focusing on various aspects. However, a passion for reversing diseases through natural means steered her towards international studies and a nutrition course at Lincoln University Malaysia. Armed with this knowledge, she witnessed the transformation of individuals, motivating her advocacy for natural alternatives in healthcare. Notably, she recently did a course in obstetrics and gynecology to expand her expertise and continue her mission in holistic women's health.

The inspiration for Dr. Tahera's holistic approach came from her clients' success stories. Witnessing individuals reverse health issues and conceive naturally after years of medication fueled her determination. Her unique selling points include a focus on infertility, a field often neglected in holistic approaches, and a personalized program that addresses specific causes of infertility.
Reclaiming Fertility
Dr. Tahera introduces the Starch-Based Healthy lifestyle (SBH), challenging common beliefs about carbohydrate exclusion. The program combines starch-rich foods with targeted exercises, Herbs, Natural Therapies, breathing techniques, stress management, and mindfulness practices. This evidence-based approach aims to address infertility issues naturally within a 90-day timeframe.

Recognizing the challenges encountered by couples in the corporate/IT industry, Dr. Tahera's program, 'Reclaiming Fertility,' is tailored to accommodate their demanding schedules. She highlights, "Many individuals, especially in the IT sector, struggle due to demanding work focused on technical aspects like routers and laptops. My specific focus is on guiding IT couples grappling with time management towards reclaiming fertility".

Guiding individuals on a journey to holistic health through the healing power of Mother Earth

PCOS/PCOD Reversal
Infertility manifests due to various reasons, such as ovarian cysts, PCOS, thyroid issues, erectile dysfunction in men, and low sperm counts. Dr. Tahera emphasizes the critical importance of maintaining a clean and balanced body, even when opting for assisted reproductive methods like IVF or IUI. She underscores that the absence of this foundational step may impede success and result in undesirable outcomes. Structured on a four-pillar method, her program not only educates but also empowers clients on the vital significance of body cleansing, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to the fertility journey.

Global Expansion for Holistic Healthcare
In a compelling showcase of success, Dr. Tahera highlights a couple from Kashmir who, after three years of marriage, achieved conception within a remarkable 40 days, and a busy dentist successfully realized conception in just four months through Dr. Tahera's natural treatment.

Her immediate goals include establishing a dedicated office or rehabilitation center to provide direct solutions. Currently serving international clients, the long-term vision is to expand globally, reaching individuals worldwide and establishing a significant presence in the field of holistic healthcare. As she continues to advocate for a balanced and mindful lifestyle, her vision of a healthier, happier world takes root, one success story at a time.