Dr. Syed Imamuddin: A Silent Revolutionist Saving Lives

Dr. Syed Imamuddin, FounderA good head and a good heart is a formidable combination. With all, the compassionate nature to serve for the good is a stroke of luck to the society. As the professor of Cardiology and a Senior Interventional Cardiologist in the Osmania Medical College, and Osmania General Hospital, Dr. Syed Imamuddin blazed the trail of a silent revolution in the medical history for Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. With his noble efforts, he was the first doctor to launch the Primary Angioplasty in Acute Myocardial Infarction (PAMI) program in Osmania General Hospital. Today, Dr. Syed is a renowned name in the industry and is associated with various organizations such as Telangana Cardiology Society of India (VP) Since 2014, STEMI India (State Nodal Officer) and Cardiological Society of India (President) for the Telangana Chapter.

Because Heart Matters
Owing to the fact that heart treatment is a costly affair, the poor & under-privileged fail to afford it at private hospitals, forcing them to either die or suffer. Earlier No government Hospitals in the two states undertake PAMI
program on a regular basis. Though the government’s ‘Arogyasri’ scheme allows patients to get heart treatment in private hospitals at a subsidized cost, many hospitals refrain from indulging in such initiatives due to financial disbursement complications. Hence, leveraging his decades experience, Dr. Syed founded Heart Beat clinic at MasabTank(a Non Profit Organisation) to make the heart treatment accessible, affordable and equitable for the disadvantaged to provide PAMI program. “This will help junior doctors learn the emergency procedures. Since last 12 years, PAMI is successfully running round the clock in Osmania,” explains Dr. Syed.

"To create awareness and educate people, Dr.Syed has conducted many meetings & health camps for the past several years"

To create awareness and educate people, Dr.Syed has conducted many meetings & health camps for the past several years. He organized cycle rally for 150 cardiologists, done radio shows on heart attacks & cholesterol, and also supported poor children to take heart treatment absolutely free. Having arranged many community development & screening programs, Dr. Syed has detected many hypertensive and congenital disease patients, and initiated the STEMI programs and CME programs for DM & DNB cardiology residents. He has conducted workshop on rotational atherectomy using diamond tipped burr free of cost (usually costing Rs.7-8 lakh).
The Noble Soul
His exemplary work has earned him the Best Interventional Cardiologist of the Year in 2016 by National Business & Service Leadership Awards and the Most Promising Interventional Cardiologist in 2016 by Times International Leadership Awards. Dr. Syed has numerous state awards to his credit, including the Vaidya Ratan for Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, and Vaidya Siromani by Chief Whip of TS, to name a few. He has also been awarded with the Pratibha Puraskar by a former Central Minister and Vaidya Sri award by Central Labor Minister, along with international awards, including the Fellow of America College of Cardiology, Washington DC (2014), and Fellow of European Society of Cardiology (2016). One of his papers was the second best paper in EURO PCR in the second largest cardiology world congress that happened in Paris. FSCAI in April 2018.

Dr. Syed is recognized as the first doctor in India to perform Novel Invasive percutaneous procedure of air aspiration from tension pneaumo-pericardium and 'T' stenting in subclavian /vertebral arteries in a case of Takayasu Arteritis (two first in world cases). Apart from these, he was the first doctor in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh to do peripheral angioplasty with a longest stent (180 mm), left ventricular assist device implant, and developed a percutaneous procedure of IVC stenting in chronic buddchiary syndrome. Dr. Syed is striving hard each day to make heart treatment easy for the needy to save them from the jaws of death.