Dr. Sumit Kapadia : Transforming Patient Outcomes With Cost-Effective & Cutting-Edge Care

Dr. Sumit Kapadia,   Senior Vascular &  Endovascular & Varicose Vein Surgeon

Dr. Sumit Kapadia

Senior Vascular & Endovascular & Varicose Vein Surgeon

As the prevalence of vascular diseases such as thrombosis, embolism, and others continue to rise, the demand for specialized medical intervention becomes vital. However, the accessibility of vascular surgeons and technologies is not uniform across the globe. While advancements in vascular surgery flourish in the global north, the situation is stark contrast in the global south. Here, the demand for vascular surgeons remains only partially met. An analysis by World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO) data reveals a glaring non-availability of vascular surgeons. Several countries, even developed countries, have less than 100 vascular surgeons per 10 million people.

While there is a substantial shortfall, we embarked on a quest to find some of the best doctors specialized in vascular and endovascular surgeries. It is our privilege to introduce one such luminary in the field, Dr. Sumit Kapadia, a distinguished personality whose contributions have earned him well-deserved respect and recognition in the field in India.

Dr. Sumit Kapadia's journey began with MBBS at Medical College Baroda in 1998, followed by specialization in general surgery and DNB in general surgery. He pursued further training in vascular surgery at SIR GANGARAM Hospital, New Delhi, completing his DNB fellowship in 2005. Over the past 17 years of practice in Baroda, he has steadily progressed from a small clinic to a larger doctor led super-specialty hospital. He is a gold medalist in MBBS and stands out as one of the few specialized doctors in India, making his center one of the largest in the western part of the country.

His expertise includes addressing common issues like varicose veins, peripheral arterial disease, and diabetic foot, showcasing a commitment to comprehensive vascular care. He has successfully treated over 15,000 patients grappling with various vascular diseases and varicose veins. His commitment to offering comprehensive and cutting-edge medical care has made him a sought-after specialist in the region.

Much More than a Doctor

Apart from his clinical contributions, Dr. Kapadia actively contributes to medical societies. He serves as the secretary of the Gujarat Vascular Society and has previously
held the position of treasurer in the Vascular Society of India. This involvement reflects his dedication to advancing the field of vascular surgery at both regional and national levels.

He practices at Aadicura Superspeciality Hospital, home to one of the largest vascular surgery departments in Western India. The facility boasts cutting-edge technologies, such as a cath lab with 3D angiography, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), AngioJet Thrombectomy, and laser treatments for varicose veins using Biolytic technology. This state-of-the-art center provides a conducive environment for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular and vein conditions. His commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures patients receive the best available care.

Putting Patients First

At the core of Dr. Kapadia's philosophy is the commitment to putting patients first. This is displayed through the provision of specialized and less commonly performed vascular procedures, particularly those not prevalent in Western India. Despite the complexities involved, he emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of treatments, delivering higher value care compared to other metropolitan areas where similar procedures are routine.

To enhance the patient experience and connectivity, his team has established a dedicated vascular helpline and an automated Whatsapp helpline. These resources empower patients with information, fostering self awareness about their conditions and reducing the need for frequent doctor visits. The hospital's active presence on social media platforms, including Youtube, further contributes to spreading valuable information on vascular health issues rarely covered in digital media. It ensures accessibility to authentic information, aiding patients in making informed decisions about their health.

His academic journey is marked by numerous achievements, including three gold medals during MBBS at MS University, Baroda, in 1998. His commitment to excellence continued with the Pfizer Medical Award in 1999, and published over 30 papers and co-authorised an international book on EMQ’s for the MRCS.

The Industry & New Benchmarks

Dr. Kapadia remarks the scarcity of specialists in vascular surgery, that is why he chose this field. His initial motivation stemmed from the untapped potential of this specialty, particularly in minimally invasive endovascular procedures. Over the years, he has witnessed a significant shift from traditional vascular surgery to these advanced, less invasive techniques, resulting in faster recovery and durable results.

Addressing upcoming medical professionals, particularly those aspiring to a career in vascular medicine, he shares, “Firstly, it's crucial to recognize the immense potential to serve a large population in India, given the prevalence of vascular diseases. Secondly, it is important to have commitment and dedication due to the complexity of vascular surgery. Lastly, embrace continuous evolution of techniques and technologies for better recovery outcomes in vascular surgeries. These factors collectively contribute to a fulfilling and impactful journey in the field of vascular medicine".

Through years of practice and contributions to healthcare, he has not only transformed patient outcomes but has also played a pivotal role in advancing vascular surgery at both regional and national levels. His dedication to putting patients first and the focus on digital awareness, sets a new standard for excellence in vascular medicine while empowering the upcoming generations.