Dr. Soma Srikanth: Shaping the Future of Surgical Oncology in India

 Dr. Soma Srikanth,  Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Soma Srikanth

Surgical Oncologist

Oncologists play a pivotal role in the healthcare landscape, facing increasing demands and challenges as they navigate the complex terrain of cancer care. These specialists are tasked with providing personalized and evidence-based treatments, necessitating a deep understanding of evolving therapeutic modalities such as immunotherapy and targeted therapies. Challenges abound, including the emotional toll of delivering difficult diagnoses, navigating complex treatment regimens, and addressing the pressing need for palliative care. With the continuous advancements in oncology, a competent oncologist is required to stay abreast of the latest research, treatment guidelines, and emerging technologies.

Dr. Soma Srikanth, a distinguished Surgical Oncologist, boasts a formidable academic background and extensive expertise in the field. His educational journey includes earning an M.B.B.S from Kakatiya Medical College, followed by an internship at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital. He furthered his studies with an M.S in General Surgery from Kasturba Medical College, solidifying his foundation in surgical sciences. Dr. Soma Srikanth pursued specialization in Surgical Oncology, culminating in an M.Ch from the prestigious Cancer Institute in Adyar, Chennai.

Currently serving as a Surgical Oncologist at Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Dr. Soma Srikanth focuses on areas like Head and Neck Oncology, Gastrointestinal and Gynaecological Oncology, thoracic and uro-oncology and Breast Oncology. Actively contributing to the field, he engages in insightful research and clinical practice. His participation in national and international conferences, coupled with publications in esteemed medical journals, showcases his commitment to advancing Surgical Oncology.

“During my postgraduate days at Manipal University, I had the privilege of working alongside exceptional professors who were skilled surgeons. Witnessing their expertise in operating on cancer cases truly inspired me. The challenging nature of Surgical Oncology captivated me since it's a continuous learning journey, from mastering laparoscopic techniques today to embracing robotic surgery tomorrow", informs Dr. Soma.

Patient-Centric Vision

Dr. Soma Srikanth distinguishes himself not only through his medical expertise but also
for the empathy he extends to his patients a quality often overlooked in the medical profession. Understanding that oncology encompasses more than treatment options, he goes beyond by considering the financial aspects and strives to provide the best options irrespective of a patient's economic status. Driven by a vision to democratize advanced treatments, he challenges the notion that robotic or laparoscopic surgeries are exclusively for the affluent. Dr. Soma’s unique approach involves connecting with patients on a personal level, treating them as family.

Unraveling Cancer Patterns

Examining cancer prevalence across diverse populations, a distinct urban-rural dichotomy emerges. In urban settings, a pronounced surge in breast, uterine, colorectal and lung cancers prevails, driven by lifestyle choices, socioeconomic factors, and dietary patterns. Conversely, Dr. Soma Srikanth's experience in the rural outskirts, like Karimnagar, reveals a higher incidence of cervical cancers, predominantly stemming from a lack of awareness. The evident rural-urban cancer divide emphasizes the critical roles of education, lifestyle, and awareness in shaping unique cancer landscapes. Dr. Soma Srikanth's observations imply that urban populations, boasting higher education levels and improved living conditions, exhibit a cancer profile distinct from their rural counterparts.

“I strongly believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial in preventing various cancers. Obesity, in particular, stands out as a significant risk factor. It's essential for individuals to strive towards reducing weight or maintaining an ideal one. Adopting a balanced diet, steering clear of junk food, minimizing high caloric foods, and opting for white meat over red meat are wise choices. Regular exercise plays a pivotal role, countering the risks associated with sedentary lifestyles. Incorporating a mix of fruits and vegetables into daily meals is beneficial. By embracing these general practices, such as hitting the gym or engaging in regular physical activity, we can foster overall health, curb obesity, and diminish the likelihood of developing many types of cancers", asserts Dr. Soma.

Dr. Soma Srikanth distinguishes himself not only through his medical expertise but also for the empathy he extends to his patients, a quality often overlooked in the medical profession

Compassionate Cancer Care Navigation

In his approach to patient care, Dr. Soma Srikanth prioritizes initial discussions with family members, recognizing their crucial role in providing emotional and financial support, even in palliative cases. He tailors his communication strategy based on the treatment stage, involving patients more actively in curative situations to emphasize the significance of timely and consistent treatment. Dr. Srikanth comprehensively informs families about available options, aligning with global oncological guidelines. He emphasizes the importance of continuous treatment without breaks, highlighting the potential for cure with advancements in oncology. Acknowledging the arduous journey, he stresses the enduring need for emotional support from family members throughout the process, recognizing their pivotal role in helping patients navigate side effects, lifestyle changes, and ultimately, leading them towards a normal life.

Positive Futuristic Trends

“Looking ahead, changes in surgery and cancer care seem likely. Robotic surgery might become more common, replacing older methods like laparoscopic procedures within the next decade. In cancer treatment, there's a shift towards using immunotherapy instead of traditional chemotherapy. Ongoing research is bringing positive results, especially for patients with advanced-stage cancer, offering them better chances of survival. The move towards targeted therapies and immunotherapies is a good sign for cancer treatments overall", concludes Dr. Soma.