Dr RK Hear Now: Processional Hearing Clinic & Rehab Center Focusing on Better Quality of Life for Special Needs Children & Parents

Dr. Indlamuri Srikanth,FounderIt is estimated that 50 percent of all deafness and hearing impairment is preventable. Unfortunately, most parents of children with special needs discover this too late. It is even more unfortunate, if quality therapy is not accessible or affordable at the crucial early stages of a child's life.

Hearing impairment is common throughout the world. The far-reaching implications of hearing loss, both in terms of development of communication skills as well as social, economic, and quality of life issues, warrant highlighting the magnitude and severity of the problem. It is widely recognized that hearing aids and hearing assistive technologies can be key components to improving hearing and communication abilities.

Dr RK Hear Now was established by Dr. Indlamuri Srikanth with a goal that money should not be a barrier to receiving Rehabilitation for children with special needs and their parents. He works with the vision of providing quality rehabilitations to children with special needs for a healthy lifestyle.

Early on in his life, Dr. Srikanth saw many parents struggle to find an affordable center for their children with speech and language impairments. The major challenges faced by parents was access to right treatment and quality rehabs with suitable equipment. He wanted to build a low-cost rehabilitation facility for people with hearing loss, children with communication disorders like Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Stuttering, and more. His team also wanted to provide financial aid for
those who lack the financial means. He believes that money should not be a barrier to receiving excellent services.

“During the rehabilitation process, patients fully rely on the therapist to conduct the relevant therapies. However, when they get back to home after the session, parents often do not continue practicing home therapies. This leads to overall reduction in the effect of therapies provided. Mostly, this is due to centers not training the parents for home use of therapy," says Dr. Anusha Kalluri, Chief Physiotherapist. "At Dr RK Hear Now, our focus is on providing therapy to children and training to parents for a holistic rehabilitation experience," adds Mamta Kumari, Chief Speech Language Pathologist. Considering this, Dr RK Hear Now assures that parents take responsibility for frequent practice at home, in addition to accompanying their children to the Clinic's therapeutic services such as Early intervention, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Behavioral therapy, Speech and language therapy and other therapies.

Dr. Srikanth is concerned about retired citizens also, who are missing a better quality of life because they are not able to communicate with their family members. He aims to provide this care for senior citizens who are financially disadvantaged also.

Dr RK Hear Now provides multiple solutions to all the Hearing Needs which will ensure to eliminate the Stigma of Hearing loss and Hearing Aid along with Rehabilitation services for sensory, physical, behavioral and communication problems

Dr RK Hear Now provides multiple solutions to all hearing and communication needs to eliminate the stigma of Hearing loss and Hearing Aids along with Rehabilitation services. It renders a variety of customizable solutions that can be tailored to the needs of the patients. They are equipped with state of art Infrastructure and Equipment. Further, Dr RK Hear Now has a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists who have improved the lives of thousands of people. The organization is driven by the mission of bringing Hearing Healthcare and rehab care of international standards within everyone's reach. The team of specialists is dedicated to offering cutting-edge evidence-based treatment in a dynamic clinic environment while maintaining confidentiality and personalized treatment.

Dr RK Hear Now is a step towards a better life quality and healthy lifestyle for all special needs children. They are looking forward to introducing new techniques for treating Autism, ADHD, etc, and the development of the latest approaches like Oral placement therapy, pediatric physiotherapy, amongst other new therapies, in the future.