Dr. Rahul Saxena: Transforming Lives as Nagpurs Liver Transplant Service Provider

 Dr. Rahul Saxena,  Consultant Liver Transplant  & Hepatobiliary Surgeon

Dr. Rahul Saxena

Consultant Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgeon

In the realm of multi-organ transplant surgery, where precision meets courage, Dr. Rahul Saxena stands as a luminary, with over thirteen years of dedicated experience specializing in liver and pancreas surgeries. His journey, marked by education, training, and a steadfast commitment to innovation, has not only transformed the landscape of liver transplants in Central India but also earned him the recognition as a healthcare icon.

Dr. Rahul’s educational journey began in a defence area near Nagpur, shaping the foundation of his character. After completing his MBBS at the Government Medical College Nagpur, he pursued an MS in general surgery, eventually serving as an assistant professor. However, the call for a more specialized field led him to Lucknow’s Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, where he honed his skills.

The turning point came when he joined the Medanta Institute of Liver Transplant and Advanced Surgery in Gurgaon. Speaking more on this, Dr. Rahul Saxena, the Consultant Liver Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgeon says, “Driven by a desire to make liver transplants accessible, I completed a three-year fellowship, including international observer ships in South Korea at the Asan Medical Center and the University of Minnesota in the USA. This diverse exposure laid the groundwork for my return to Nagpur in 2017, where I established the city’s first liver transplant program”.

Success Rates & Innovations
Dr. Rahul’s team at Nagpur has achieved commendable success rates, comparable to high-volume transplant centers worldwide.
With a one year success rate of 93 percent and a strong track record of five years, the team’s commitment to excellence is evident.They also embrace innovative approaches, exploring laparoscopic and robotic techniques to make surgeries more affordable without compromising quality.

One distinguishing factor in Dr. Rahul’s practice is his obligation to make liver transplants accessible to all. Operating at a fraction of the cost compared to other such centers in metro cities, the team actively engages in crowd funding and collaborates with NGOs to assist patients financially. Their dedication extends to pediatric transplants, achieving remarkable results.

Passions & Expertise
Within the vast field of hepatobiliary surgery, Dr.Rahul finds particular interest in managing liver cancer patients and pioneering ABO incompatible liver transplants. His emphasis on evaluating patients based on physiological age rather than their chronological age challenges conventional norms.

Dr. Rahul’s team at Nagpur has achieved commendable success rates, comparable to high-volume transplant centers worldwide

Recognizing the collaborative nature of liver transplants, Dr. Rahul’s team provides comprehensive post operative care. A multidisciplinary approach involving liver transplant anesthetists, surgeons, intensivists and coordinators ensures a holistic recovery. Patient education plays a pivotal role, with dedicated coordinators conducting classes on medication management, physiotherapy, and long-term care.

Dr. Rahul’s proudest achievements lie in creating awareness about liver diseases in Central India. His team is credited with performing the first Deceased donor liver transplant, the first living donor liver transplant, and the first combined liver-kidney transplant in 2018 at Nagpur. Recently awarded as a healthcare icon by the Lokmat Group, Dr. Rahul also remains actively involved in academic pursuits, contributing as a founder-member to the Liver Transplant Society of India.

Technological Advances
Reflecting on the technological evolution, Dr. Saxena highlights advancements in intensive care, immunosuppression, and minimally invasive donor surgery. State-of the-art instruments and improved immunosuppressive drugs have significantly enhanced patient outcomes, emphasizing the continuous progress witnessed from 2012 to 2023.

In essence, Dr. Rahul Saxena’s transformative journey encapsulates not only medical expertise but also a profound commitment to making life-altering surgeries accessible and successful. His impact reaches far beyond surgical suites, touching the lives of patients and reshaping the narrative of liver transplants in Central India.