Dr. Prerna Kohli's Clinic: Making People Self-Reliant through a Psycho-Spiritual Approach

Dr. Prerna Kohli, FounderOur mind is the source of all complexities, yet it’s capable of making everything simpler. Needless to say, overcoming the intense complexities that affect our emotional and mental health often takes professional expertise. Equipped with over 25 years of experience in the emotional and mental wellness industry, Dr. Prerna Kohli’s Clinic, under the aegis of Dr. Prerna Kohli (Founder & Chief Psychologist) transforms such intricate mental complexities into solutions and wellness.

Even though her approach is psychoanalytic, Dr. Prerna– the four-time gold medalist and an awardee of ‘100 Women Achievers of India’ by the President of India, belongs to a new school of relational and interpersonal psychoanalysis. Understanding that the genetic and environmental forces shape a person’s valuable insight and perspective on their current situation, she also brings spirituality into play for holistic well being from the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives.

Towards Faster Recovery
With skills that blossomed over past two decades, Dr. Prerna blends
psycho-spiritual tools and techniques to help her patients recover faster and make them more self-reliant in resolving their own mental health issues in the future, be it Personal/Psychological matters, Emotional Wellness & Lifestyle Management or Relationship Issues. This Gurgaon-based clinic also deals with issues that take away the smile of children, including bullying, fear of examination, substance abuse, and learning disorders.

Dr. Prerna Kohli’s Clinic has developed its own set of online and offline tests that assist the psychologist to quickly build the psychological profile of the patient and find quicker solutions

Besides the standard tests like Rorschach, BDI and TAT, Dr. Prerna Kohli’s Clinic has developed its own set of online and offline tests that assist the psychologist to quickly build the psychological profile of the patient, find quicker solutions and save counseling fees for the clients. Strongly believing in client-centered therapy, Dr.Prerna involves family in the process to support & educate patients on human nature, and make them strong enough to accept & manage their feelings, thus reducing the intensity of their problems. Keeping in mind that patients share their most intimate details with the counselor, it is ascertained that their confidence is never broken. Indeed, the patients’ personal information
are kept confidential on a highly secured cloud based EMR.

A Strong Supporting Structure
Dr. Prerna is assisted by a team of ten handpicked counseling psychologists who have been trained specifically to the methodologies, tools and techniques. Each of the counselors specializes in certain domain such as child psychology, relationship, work-life balance, problems of the elderly, addiction and the common strands like stress, anxiety and depression so that every kind of mental issues is addressed. The counselors are further updated in weekly-briefings that comprise of best practices, ideas and unique patient histories (with pseudo names), enabling everyone to learn from each other.

“I believe that giving back to the society what we have learned over the years is of paramount importance, specifically to the underprivileged members,” asserts Dr. Prerna. Staying true to her vision, she invests a huge chunk of her time in multiple NGOs and is now focusing on helping inmates of Tihar, Gurgaon & Aligarh Jails to re-integrate back to the society upon completion of their sentence.

The clinic also offers heart-based workshops and lectures that focus on life balance, Self-awareness and Inner peace. While going forward, Dr. Prerna & her team are all set to launch an Artificial Intelligence Smartphone app that allows easier diagnosis and initial online therapy. Furthermore, the clinic aims to have another branch in Central Delhi for providing better service to patients residing in nearby area.