Dr. Paiwal's Physiotherapy and Diabetic Foot Care Clinic: Redefining Spine & Joint Pain Physiotherapy for a Pain-Free India

Dr. Gaurav Paiwal,Chief Physiotherapist

Dr. Gaurav Paiwal

Chief Physiotherapist

No doubt, the rise of mechanization and industrialization has resulted in the increasing demand for physio therapists in India and abroad. Dr.Paiwal’s Physiotherapy and Diabetic Foot Care Clinic, located in Udaipur is an example of one such that has been revolutionizing Physiotherapy with the help of its professional team of experts. Guided by a clear vision, excellent expertise and inter national quality equipment, Dr.Gaurav Paiwal is redefining Spine and Joint Pain Physiotherapy in India.

Equipped with the World Class Modalities from France and Germany, the clinic serves with a motto, "If you can explain your pain, we can finish it off." Dr. Paiwal’s Rapid Pain Relief Programme is the clinic’s specialized treatment expertise to heal chronic spine pain or joint pain. “We are the most qualified and experienced physiotherapists in Udaipur. Serving in Spine Pain(Low Back and Neck Pain due to Spondylitis, Sciatica, Slip Disc, Disc Bulge etc ) and Joint Pain since 2007. 14 years of expertise in pain relief. Over 800 Knee Replacements Avoided. Over 2000 Spine Surgeries Avoided, using Class 4 Laser and Tecar Rays.” says Dr. Gaurav Paiwal, Chief Physiotherapist at Dr. Paiwal’s Physiotherapy and Diabetic Foot Care Clinic.

Happy Clients, Successful treatments
Since the genesis of the clinic, Dr.Paiwal’s Physiotherapy and Diabetic Foot Care Clinic has helped numerous patients relieve their pain. KG Maheshwari, a Chartered
Accountant by profession appreciated the treatment by Dr. Paiwal and noted down the same. He wrote, “In November 2009, my younger daughter suffered from a very rare disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome. Due to the disease, her whole body was paralyzed within 10-12 hours. We brought her to Udaipur, admitted her to Kalpana Nursing Home. She was in the ICU for around three months. This was when we met Dr.Gaurav Paiwal. He conducted perfect physiotherapy treatment for her as per her requirements during the whole course of recovery. The physiotherapy treatment by Dr. Gaurav proved very beneficial for our daughter. So, we even went ahead and requested him to continue the same at our home in Nathdwara. For almost 6 months, on a daily basis, he used to travel 50 kms toreach our home at sharp 7 AM. With specialized exercises, strong determination and hard work Bhumika, my daughter started functioning normally again, even after suffering from such a dreaded disease. Dr. Gaurav is indeed a master of physiotherapy, Paralysis and Spinal cord injury recovery and treats his patients like family. Today, Bhumika is studying accountancy and leading a healthy life. Dr. Gaurav gave her a second chance at life.”

Equipped with World Class Modalities from France and Germany, the clinic serves with a motto, ‘If you can explain your pain, we can finish it off’

An Insurance agent, Himmat Singh also expressed his appreciation, “May God bless this fellow, Dr. Gaurav. I suffered from severe pain in my lower back and neck radiating to my legs and hands for a long time with tingling, numbness and burning. For almost 20 years I consulted with various specialists in orthopaedics and neurology. I even took prescribed medicine but the condition only worsened. Then, one day, my son took me to Dr. Paiwal. He examined and explained me the concept of spine pain and with drpaiwal’s treatment I totally recovered within in few days. He is definitely the best physiotherapist in Udaipur Division as far as spine pain and joint pains are concerned. I highly recommend him to whoever is suffering from pain, due to slip disc, sciatica or spondylitis.”

Besides the above testimonials, there are many others who have spoken of their happy journey since visiting Dr. Paiwal’s Physiotherapy and Diabetic Foot Care Clinic. The success of the clinic has also been covered by renowned newspapers and websites. Dr. Paiwal has been awarded with ‘ICON OF UDAIPUR AWARD 2019’ in Healthcare Field, ‘PHYSIOTIMES AWARD 2021’ of national repute in physiotherapy and many other awards. As the clinic continues to grow and gain recognition, the aim is to incorporate new machines and technologies and continually work toward a ‘painfree India’.