Dr. Octo: On A Mission To Make Effective, Safe & Sustainable Cleaning Affordable

(L-R): Allwyn Dsouza, Sunil Chhabra, Rajeev S. Rajan, Yash Jalan,FoundersCleaning, whether at home or in offices, is an ongoing process and one needs to invest time and money to keep interiors and the surroundings spick and span. Dirt gets accumulated in the form of dust, stains, and grease. Most of them can be cleaned only with the help of a cleaning agent. The majority of the cleaning agents, available in the market, contain acids, bleaches, parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, and artificial surfactants that are harmful to humans, pets, and the environment. The long term effects of these materials can be disastrous. They not only degrade the environment but also cause deterioration in health. They can cause skin allergies, reproductive problems, and even diseases such as cancer. A judicious selection of cleaning materials can help users stay away from avoidable health issues.

Dr. Octo's cleaning products offer the ideal solution to the problem. Dr. Octo's cleaning products are plant-based, natural, skin-safe, and environment-friendly. Established in 2021, and headquartered in Bengaluru, Dr. Octo manufactures several environment friendly cleaning products. Founded by Rajeev Sounder Rajan, Allwyn Dsouza, Yash Jalan, and Sunil Chhabra, the product range comprises probiotic products such as natural floor and toilet cleaners, natural dish wash liquid, enzymatic laundry liquid, and an all purpose spray.

These products are sold individually and as living room, kitchen, and bathroom kits. Dr. Octo's products are toxin-free and 100 percent biodegradable. They are skin-friendly, PH balanced, pet safe, have a pleasant fragrance, and are free from parabens, allergens, corrosives, and bleaches. Dr. Octo
is a Plastic neutral brand and they recycle as much as they produce. Dr. Octo's products have a clear advantage over the other products in the market. They are natural and do not contain harmful chemicals and acids. They do not hurt the user or the environment.

Modern day diseases, such as cancer, can be attributed to excessive exposure to harmful chemicals. The use of chemical based cleaning material, over an extended period, is an invitation to life threatening diseases, both known and unknown.

Natural Cleaning Products Vis-a-Vis Chemical-based Cleaning Products
The cleaning concept of Dr. Octo's products is different compared to that of chemical-based cleaning materials. Instead of killing, Dr. Octo's products adopt a safe and sustainable approach to eliminating germs. They clean by leveraging the natural characteristics of the cleaning agent. Dr. Octo is a zero impact brand. Enzymes, contained in Dr. Octo's products, act as biocatalysts and break down organic waste, oily stains, and pet urine into minute particles. These particles act as feed for probiotics, a constituent of Dr.Octo's products. Probiotics work in tandem with enzymes. Surfactants, used in Dr. Octo's products, are plant based, form lather and foam to soak and absorb the dirt and grime.

Instead of killing, Dr.Octo's products adopt a safe and sustainable approach to eliminating germs

Dr. Octo is committed to remaining plastic neutral. The company's products do not add to plastic pollution. The company has sponsored a plastic recycling project in Chennai. The unit recycles micro and ultrathin plastics and prevents them from reaching landfills or oceans. Dr. Octo's products are well received by the market. It has a good approval rating from its customers. Several first time users of the company's products have become repeat customers.

The company plans to launch an array of natural cleaning products in the upcoming days. Dr. Octo's mission is to bring effective, safe, and sustainable cleaning within the reach of every Indian. The company's vision is to build products that have a net positive impact on the users and the environment. Dr. Octo aims to become a national brand, reach the top of the industry ladder, and serve millions of households with its products.