Dr. Kathija Mahmood: Championing Health & Fostering Understanding in Diabetes Care

Dr. Kathija Mahmood,FounderIn India, the demand for competent diabetologists is escalating rapidly, mirroring the country's rising prevalence of diabetes. The multifaceted challenges in managing diabetes, compounded by lifestyle changes and genetic predispositions, emphasize the critical need for skilled professionals in the field. As the burden of diabetes continues to mount, there is an urgent call for diabetologists who not only possess clinical expertise but also demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the socio-economic factors influencing diabetes management in India. The need for these specialists is crucial to effectively combat the growing health crisis and ensure optimal care for individuals grappling with diabetes across the nation.

With an illustrious career spanning 50 years, Dr. Kathija Mahmood stands as a distinguished Diabetologist, currently practicing at Newtone Diabetes Clinic in Kilpauk. Armed with an MBBS degree from Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai, she furthered her expertise with a Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetology from the University of Leicester, UK. Dr. Mahmood is renowned for her specialized care, focusing on the management of hypertension, diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy.

Having served as a Senior Specialist Registrar at Dubai Health Authority and Registrar at Al Baraha Hospital, her extensive experience has garnered her Fellowship in the Royal College of Physicians. Dr. Mahmood's commitment to patient education is evident through her offering of free lectures, showcasing her dedication to spreading awareness and knowledge in the fight against diabetes.

“Navigating through the complexities of various medical conditions as an internist, I've witnessed the unique stories of patients facing challenges like pneumonia and heart attacks. However, amidst the diverse cases, the unifying factor is diabetes. It became clear that specializing in diabetology is not just about medical expertise but about truly understanding the lives of those grappling with diabetes. This realization fuels my commitment to provide compassionate and tailored care for everyone, making their journey towards health a more personalized and humane experience", asserts Dr. Kathija.

In the realm of diabetes patient care, a pervasive challenge is neuropathy, a condition where nerves are adversely affected.
Many individuals present with distressing complaints, such as a burning sensation in their limbs, leading to disrupted sleep and significant pain. The heightened risk comes from numbness, rendering patients insensitive to sensations on the ground and susceptible to unintentional injuries and burns. Managing diabetic neuropathy becomes crucial due to its potential complications. Addressing these cases requires a combination of medical expertise and empathy, with the goal of not only alleviating physical discomfort but also improving the overall quality of life for individuals contending with the intricate challenges posed by diabetic neuropathy.

“Engaging with my patients about neuropathy involves listening to their experiences, where the symptoms often speak for themselves—burning sensations and numbness. Clinical examinations deepen our understanding which is followed by personalized treatments, including specialized interventions. Emphasizing the pivotal role of sugar control becomes a shared journey, fostering a sense of partnership and empowering patients in their path to managing and improving their condition", adds Dr. Kathija.

Newtone Diabetes Clinic
Founded by Dr. Kathija, Newtone Diabetes Clinic is a beacon of comprehensive diabetes care, embodying a holistic approach to management. The clinic's commitment extends beyond treating symptoms, encompassing diagnostic testing, medication management, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle modification. With a philosophy rooted in the belief that every patient is invaluable, the clinic operates under the motto of individualized care, rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach.

“Empowering my patients with knowledge about diabetes is crucial. I strive for them to comprehend their condition, ensuring they control diabetes, not the other way around. It's a partnership where I want each patient to recognize their ability to manage this condition through proper education", informs Dr. Kathija.

With a vision for a diabetes-free community, my mission is centered on elevating awareness & recognizing the impact on patients & their families

Revolutionizing Diabetes Care
As a dedicated medical professional, Dr. Kathija Mahmood actively engages in impactful research focused on addressing the complex interplay of diabetes and obesity. Serving as a principal investigator, her efforts were pivotal in exploring innovative drugs designed not only to facilitate weight loss but also to effectively manage blood sugar levels. Her contributions showcase a dedication to improving the quality of life for individuals navigating the challenging intersection of diabetes and obesity.

“Witnessing the continuous evolution in diabetes care brings me immense joy. A game-changer is the advent of painless blood sugar testing, eliminating the daily discomfort of pricking. Now, patients can effortlessly apply sticker for monitoring, empowering them to check their blood sugar levels without the ordeal of needles. This innovation is crucial, allowing individuals to proactively manage the fluctuations in their sugar levels", adds Dr. Kathija.

Empowering Communities
When inquired about her advice to combat diabetes, Dr. Kathija passionately emphasizes, "I believe in sharing knowledge about diabetes because it's a serious problem taking lives every day. My goal is to teach everyone in the community about diabetes. It's not just about treating diabetes but about stopping it altogether. By understanding and preventing it, we can save lives together. Whether you're a patient or not, asking questions and attending my lectures can help us all make a difference in fighting against diabetes. Let's work together to build a healthier community by spreading awareness and knowledge", highlighting the urgent need for collective action in the battle against diabetes.