Dr. Karthik Mathivanan: A Compassionate Surgeon Bolstering Liver Health & Philanthropy

Dr. Karthik Mathivanan, Associate Director

Dr. Karthik Mathivanan

Associate Director

The demand for liver transplant surgeons is increasing in the changing healthcare landscape. As the severity of liver diseases worsens, skilled surgeons play an important role in providing a lifeline through transplants. A liver transplant surgeon’s knowledge bridges the gap between life's challenges and renewed vitality, ushering in a life-changing journey for those in need. It's more than just a medical procedure; it's the soothing music of second chances.

Dr. Karthik Mathivanan, a seasoned liver transplant surgeon holds a proven track record of over 13 years. He began his career in the field during the nacient stages of liver transplantation in India. Despite initial skepticism from peers, he pursued his dream owing to an intrinsic fascination with challenging medical pursuits. Driven by a desire to make a difference in liver healthcare, he trained under renowned mentors such as Dr. M.R. Rajsekar and Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin, gaining expertise in liver transplantation.

A graduate of Sri Ramchandra University in Chennai, Dr. Mathivanan honed his skills further through a threeyear general surgery program and multiple fellowships, including those at Delhi Medanta and Apollo, specializing in liver surgery. He has played a critical role in establishing MGM Healthcare as a renowned quaternary care facility as the Co-Director of the Liver Transplant Program for the past three years. Under his direction, the program has seen notable success, performing 50-60 transplants and receiving awards for innovation and excellence.

Dr. Mathivanan is dedicated to MGM Healthcare's commitment to superior care and advanced technology, and his association highlights the hospital's sophisticated infrastructure and global appeal. MGM's exquisite setting, fosters patient comfort, distinguishing it as a quaternary care center with global allure. Further, Dr. Mathivanan promotes liver health awareness through initiatives such as Liver India, which holds free camps and educational sessions in tier two and tier three cities.

“My motivation to become a doctor stemmed from my father, a surgeon, whom I admired since childhood. I aspired to be a surgeon after witnessing his operations.
He finally let me into the operating room when I was in 10th grade. When I started medical school, I knew I wanted to be a surgeon. The challenge of a liver transplant piqued my interest, and I pursued it with a strong desire to overcome obstacles.

I believe in using common sense in medicine, emphasizing compassion and empathy as distinguishing characteristics. I want to be more than just a doctor; I want to be a compassionate and empathetic surgeon who is committed to helping others”, emphasizes Dr. Karthik Mathivanan.

Preventive Liver Care & Philanthropy
Committed to preventive care, Dr. Karthik Mathivanan is focusing on liver diseases and particularly on fatty liver issues in India's diabetic population. With a passion for changing people's lives through education, he emphasizes lifestyle changes for high-risk patients, making fatty liver completely reversible. In terms of treatment plans, Dr. Mathivanan emphasizes the importance of lifestyle in liver health, claiming that 70 percent of patients' lives are determined by how they live. Medications are critical for conditions such as hepatitis B and C, while advances in cancer therapy, such as immunotherapies, promise groundbreaking outcomes.

Dr. Mathivanan pioneered crowdfunding for underprivileged patients, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede treatment. He was motivated by a commitment to accessible healthcare. His advocacy for the less fortunate extends to personally soliciting donations from wealthy patients, demonstrating a compassionate approach to healthcare.

Aside from financial assistance, he negotiates with pharmaceutical companies to secure medication discounts for the needy, exemplifying a comprehensive commitment to patient care. Dr. Mathivanan's ethos revolves around providing the best possible care to all patients, regardless of their financial situation, and fostering a culture of philanthropy and inclusivity in healthcare.

I believe in using common sense in medicine, emphasizing compassion & empathy as distinguishing characteristics

“I emphasize the transformative effect of public awareness campaigns on high-risk patients, particularly those with diabetes and obesity. My preventive approach, which includes liver health camps and FibroScan assessments, focuses on issues such as reversible fatty liver, emphasizing the power of lifestyle changes to significantly improve overall liver health", adds Dr. Karthik Mathivanan.

From Transplant Oncology Triumphs to Holistic Health Advocacy
Dr. Mathivanan's foray into transplant oncology is poised to set new standards, providing hope for patients with cancers that affect multiple organs and incorporating advanced immunosuppressants and immunotherapy for long-term care.

Dr. Mathivanan emphasizes a holistic approach to optimal liver health as he transitions to preventive care. Early morning walks, avoiding sedentary habits, and avoiding processed foods are among the lifestyle changes he recommends. He recommends a 12-hour fasting window with only water allowed to ensure adequate gut rest, advocating mindful eating and discouraging excessive calorie intake, particularly in the evening.

Dr. Mathivanan advocates for at least 40 minutes of daily exercise and constant vigilance over dietary choices to contribute to overall well-being and reduce the likelihood of lifestyle-related diseases. His advice, which is based on holistic health practices, aims to empower individuals to manage their health proactively and potentially avoid medical interventions.